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Leading fund J&T confirms intention to invest in Tkáč . assets

Leading fund J&T confirms intention to invest in Tkáč . assets

Billionaire Patrick Tkai is preparing for major asset transfers. After the financial group announced today that Patrik Tkáč is consolidating his major investments under the roof of the new holding J&T Capital Partners, other important information followed.

The main fund of the J&T Investments group has sent to the regulator – the Czech National Bank – information that it is considering the intention to buy a stake in the entire holding company J&T Capital Partners.

“J&T Investments SICAV is evaluating its intention to invest in shares of J&T Capital Partners. The final decision on the investment has not yet been made,” says a document published today in the Central Repository of Regulated Information of the Czech National Bank.

Thus, CNB information confirms yesterday’s information to SZ Byznys server that Slovakian billionaire Patrik Tkáč intends to sell part of his stake in Energy and Industrial Holding (EPH) to J&T Investments. EPH is part of a new holding company to which other assets will be transferred.

So a J&T Investments fund investment, if it happens, will be more important than just EPH. J&T Banka owns 13 percent of the fund and 87 percent is owned by private investors.

Patrick Tkai, co-founder of the J&T Finance Group, announced today that it is consolidating joint investments with Daniel Křetínský in the holding J&T Capital Partners. The holding company has already bought a 44 percent stake in EPH, which combines original investments in energy, and will buy additional equity shares in the coming months, which are now under Tkáč’s control. Among other things, the holding company will buy a 44 percent stake in the parent company of AC Sparta Praha football club.

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“The consolidation of our joint portfolio stakes with Dunn under one structure, combined with undoubtedly greater clarity, will greatly simplify funding for the development of both current projects and future investment opportunities,” said Patrick Tkay.

great unification

J&T Capital Partners will be a company under Tkáč’s sole control, however, J&T Private Equity Group Limited will play an important economic and capital role.

The holding company will also acquire a 44% stake in EP Equity Investment Sárl (EPEI) in the coming months, a minority investment firm in listed companies such as Royal Mail, Foot Locker, Sainsbury or PostNL, and a 44 percent stake in EP Global Commerce (EPGC). .), i.e. the company covering the investment in the German trading company Metro AG, which owns Makro wholesalers in the Czech Republic.

The new acquisition will also include a 44% stake in EC Investments (ECI), an e-commerce buying company, and a 40% stake in Czech Media Invest (CMI), which covers media investments, and Tkáč’s other properties.

Tkach, a native of Bratislava, is considered one of the richest people in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and Forbes magazine estimated his assets last year at 600 million euros (more than 15.5 billion kroner).

In recent years, Tkáč has primarily moved into the structures surrounding the J&T investment group, which she co-founded more than two decades ago. His father, Joseph, helped him on his way to the upper floors of the business.