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Leaked information about upcoming 2K gaming projects

Leaked information about upcoming 2K gaming projects

We try not to pay much attention to “alleged leaks” from unknown sources on Reddit and similar forums, because in most cases they are just fan fiction stories. In this Issue But we’ll make an exception because this particular leak was confirmed by acclaimed gaming journalist Jason Schreyer:

“Yes, this escape is real, but I’m not sure we’ll all see it at E3. Anyway, I’m looking forward to Marvel XCOM.”

Here is information on three matches:


The working name is Daffodil and it is part of the Borderlands series starring Tiny Tina. The game’s final name might also be “Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands”, because Gearbox had a trademark issued for this set of words. It is meant to be the same type of game as the other Borderlands games, with heroes of different classes (multi-layers). It should be detected at E3.

New game Fireaxis

The business name is CODA. Supposed to be a new turn-based strategy (from the creators of the latest XCOM games), based on the Marvel brand. The source describes the game as “XCOM with Marvel Heroes” and it looks like we’ll hear many famous actors in the game.


Volt is probably the game’s working name. This is a new working title that is still in the early stages of development. The logo appears to be similar to that of the Fallout series. The game does not have a final name yet. The source described it as “Cthulhu meets Saint´s Row”. In the demo, the game looked very incomplete. The source could not confirm which studio is working on the game, but it is likely to be Hangar 13 (the Mafia authors), who according to the seniors Information They are working on a “sci-fi title for an open world with supernatural elements”.

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