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Leaks reveal when "Windows 11" will be launched in all the world

Leaks reveal when “Windows 11” will be launched in all the world


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Leaks from within the American company “Microsoft” revealed the date of launching its latest operating system, “Windows 11”, on all personal and portable computers in the world.

The report, published via “GSM Arena” specialized technical siteMicrosoft intends to officially release Windows 11 on October 20.

Officially not specified.Microsoft“Windows 11” will be officially launched, and it will only be said that the operating system will be ready on Christmas for all users.

Screenshots of Microsoft team members show one of them saying he can’t wait until October to get Windows 11.

The promotional materials for “Windows 11” also showed that Microsoft is preparing for a major event on October 20, which suggests that the company will launch the operating system on this day.

Microsoft is expected to release upgrade tools for “Windows 11″ Starting from October 2021, it will start providing Laptops and personal computers supported by the system in late 2021 and early 2022.

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