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Leaks suggest a new version of the iPhone .. What products are expected at Apple's spring event?  |  technology

Leaks suggest a new version of the iPhone .. What products are expected at Apple’s spring event? | technology

Apple (APPLE) confirmed that a “special event” will be held on March 8, and the new iPhone may be among the products to be announced, according to a report by the “Sun” website (The Sun).

Next Tuesday, the technology giant will host a new event that the company called “Peek Performance”, which is scheduled to take place at ten in the morning California time (9 in the evening Mecca time).

Rumors linked to sources close to the American company show that the main product at the event is the new iPhone SE, a smartphone aimed at budget buyers.

But naming the event “Pick Performance” shows that there are products other than smartphones, perhaps intended to advertise MacBooks equipped with more powerful chipsets.

As was the case with recent Apple conferences, this event will be virtual, meaning that hordes of press will not be present at the event site.

Experts expect the tech giant to unveil a new “cheap” iPhone, a refurbished Mac, and a boosted iPad Air.

Rumors say that the main product at the event is the new iPhone SE (French)

Apple has not publicly confirmed any version of these products, but the main event is expected to be the new iPhone, as a previous leak indicated that the new iPhone will enter production in March.

Apple usually announces new iPhone models in September, but the company has released a few iPhones in the spring.

The new iPhone will be one of the cheaper SE category, which does not currently have a “fifth generation” (5G) option, as Apple began offering fifth generation phones only in 2020 with the release of “iPhone 12” (iPhone 12).

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Mark Gorman, a journalist at Bloomberg and a long-known leaker of Apple news, confirms that the “iPhone SE3” is on the way, and he predicted that this phone will be launched in March or next April. Gorman says that his sources have not explicitly confirmed that the device will be called “iPhone SE3”.

The iPhone SE was first launched in 2016, and was designed to be a cheaper option that works in tandem with the iPhone 6.

Since that time the phone has proven its popularity, so Apple brought it back into production in 2020.

Rumors say the new phone will cost only $299, and the old iPhone SE will drop to $199.