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تعرف على المزايا الجديدة في (ويندوز 11)

Learn about the new features in (Windows 11)

Microsoft is keen to improve and add many features that help in multitasking and increase productivity, as the new version of the operating system (Windows 11) comes with many features that make the experience of use easier.

Here, we learn about the new features in (Windows 11) that you can try, according to (the Arab Gateway for Technical News).

More modern and stylish windows

The new system comes with a comprehensive improvement in the visual level of windows and applications, and everything looks more modern and designed specifically for modern computers, for example when you open File Explorer or the Settings window, you see that the layouts and colors of icons are more clear compared to the version (Windows 10).

Speed ​​of communication via (Microsoft Teams)

The Microsoft Teams video calling application comes built into the operating system, and it is the default application for making video calls, and the company has made sure to place it in a prominent place that is easy to access quickly and easily, and the application is located in the taskbar, and by pressing it you can communicate with friends and family members via voice or video or text.

Stay focused with the Clock app

The clock application in (Windows 11) is not only limited to knowing the time, but also helps you maintain your focus for specific periods, and all you have to do is run the application and then choose the focus mode you want from the panel on the left, and once you click on the start option You are invited to set up tasks and timings, and you can add songs from your Spotify playlist to help you stay fully focused.

Open files directly from the Start Menu (Windows 11)

The redesigned Start menu is one of the notable system changes that catches your eye right when you move to the new system, and the menu now serves as a hub for accessing files, browsing history, and application shortcut menu.

Quickly manage virtual desktops

The desktop feature in (Windows 11) is easier to use and more exploreable than the previous version, and its button is located by default in the taskbar, and you can hover your mouse over it and then click to open a new virtual desktop quickly.

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Manage Widgets in Windows 11

(Microsoft) has introduced a special button for widgets installed in the taskbar. As a result, you can see news, weather, upcoming appointments in the calendar, tips about using the system and others by clicking on it. You can also show or remove widgets from the home screen quickly and easily by clicking on the Add widget option.

Use of secondary screens

One of the improvements that the new system offers is how it detects secondary monitors, and the system remembers how your windows are arranged across an external monitor, as a result if you unplug them and then reconnect them again, the software windows revert to their previous state.