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بالفيديو: تعرف على قصة “غفران الرميحي” التي تحولت من علم الأدوية إلى طهي الحلويات

Learn about the story of “Ghufran Al-Rumaihi”, which turned from pharmacology to cooking sweets • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The “In a Week” program sheds light on the story of “Ghufran Al-Rumaihi” who moved from pharmacology to cooking sweets.

The kitchen instead of the lab

The report, broadcast on the “MBC” channel, indicated that among the chemistry equations and recipes for sweets, “Ghufran Al-Rumaihi” found a love for the kitchen instead of the laboratory.

Realizing the Dream

The report indicated: “A love was born to her since she was young and she decided to pursue her dream despite studying for a completely different specialization.”


For her part, Al-Rumaihi said: “I have studied pharmacology in Britain and have loved eating and cooking since my childhood, especially sweets.”

skill development

She pointed out, “I was in school, I used to go into the kitchen and make a cake, and I was able to develop this skill by practicing and by attending courses and courses.”

culinary world

And the report stated: “The pharmacology specialization helped Ghufran to understand the different equations that she sees as an addition to her in the culinary world.”

Laboratory specialist

Al-Rumaihi said: “Pharmacology studies the chemistry of the body, and my studies in pharmacology benefited me in the field of cooking,” noting: “My mother was difficult for her at first because she is a doctor and started as a laboratory specialist, and in the end I understood that this is a passion when I saw my work and how it would give me opportunities and make fun of my science in a way. Another one and now she is one of my biggest fans.”

sweets specialty

The report concluded: “Ghufran chose to specialize in sweets from among the great diversity in the culinary world because of her love for it since childhood.”

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