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Learn how.. ways to record calls via iPhone

Learn how.. ways to record calls via iPhone

There is no official way to record calls via the iPhone, as Apple considers this a breach of the privacy of the other user, according to the Arab portal for technical news.

But you may need to record calls for several reasons, as you may need it to record an important business conversation to come back to later, or you may need to record a call with a customer service representative to ensure and protect your right.

Therefore, those who need to record calls are upset because iPhone phones lack the feature to record calls officially, but you can record calls via iPhone using one of the following methods:

1- Using the speakerphone to record calls via iPhone

This method is based on having an additional phone or other device that you can use to record audio next to you.

This device can be a smartphone in which you rely on an external application to record the usual audio, or you can use an external recording device, and some applications provide a transcription of the recorded conversations.

2- Using external call services

And you can rely on one of the applications to make external calls such as Google calls or Botim and other applications.

These applications provide you with the feature of recording calls even if you are making them to a phone number in another network or another country.

You can find call recording options via the different settings of each app and each platform separately.

But you should make sure that the app supports iPhone call recording at first before you decide to rely on it completely.

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3- Rely on iPhone call recording apps

Apple prevents users from recording calls in the usual way on their phones, but there are some apps that work a little differently.

These applications depend on making the call between 3 parties, so that the recording program is the third party.

Thus, this third party records the call from its end, and you can then access the recorded call through the application of the third party.

Many applications provide this service, through which you can quickly record calls and keep the recording in a safe place.

But these apps do not work directly, so you need to prepare them before or during the call, and it requires several steps and not just pressing the record button like on Android.

You can rely on Rev Call Recorder, which is completely free, or TapeAcall Pro, which is one of the paid apps that provide this service.

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