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Learned Galaxy SmartTag + UWB.  The phone will be directed at it through augmented reality -

Learned Galaxy SmartTag + UWB. The phone will be directed at it through augmented reality –

After a few months of silence, Samsung launched an improved version of the Galaxy SmartTag in the Czech Republic Galaxy SmartTag +. It’s basically no different from the first generation locator I tested You can read it here. Aside from the slightly larger dimensions, the necklace’s biggest novelty is the presence of UWB technology. It is used to find the locator, respectively. Objects are connected via the viewfinder of the connected smartphone and the arrows show you in which direction the SmartTag + is located.

The locator connection is the same for the base variable. You will need an application SmartThingsWhere you can quickly set up, update, and operate the locator with ease. Battery life, possibility of a single action button and other issues are completely identical, on top of that, it’s really just UWB. You will only use this when searching for a locator in the field. All you have to do is click on it via the SmartThings Find module and hit the Search button nearby.

The phone first detects the locator signal level, which only takes a few seconds in a closed room. Abroad, this initial “search” might take a minute. Once the phone finds the locator, it will discover how far the locator is currently from you. At that moment, the camera search function is activated. Simply point your back around the phone, and you’ll see arrows in the viewfinder that will lead you directly to the locator. Its future location is marked by sparks that reveal the remoteness of its precise location.

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SmartTag + Tracking Using UWB Technology:

Sometimes a camera search can be accessed up to four meters around the object, but several times we were able to locate the SmartTag + through the viewfinder and at a distance of more than 6 meters from the thing it was connected to. If you’re there and can’t see the locator, you can ring it in the final. The search for SmartTag + was successful even when it was accidentally hidden in the field by someone else. It’s also worth noting that to find SmartTag +, your phone must also support UWB. This applies, for example, to Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy S21 +, Galaxy Note20 Ultra, or Galaxy Z Fold2.

SmartTag + is built directly opposite the Apple AirTag locator, and Samsung’s solution is an important ecosystem for Galaxy users. But compared to Apple, the solution provided by Samsung has one important drawback. Offline Search is turned off, as other Galaxy Series users can give you tag position data, by default, while Apple automatically activates this feature when adding an Apple account to your iPhone. On Samsung, you might sometimes see notifications for offline searches in the toolbar, but we’re guessing to say that this way, “blindly” and without much explanation, few people activate this function.

So the question is, what is preventing Samsung from permanently activating the function every time you log in with a Samsung account on its Galaxy series smartphones. Are these specific conditions that must be agreed upon? If so, then why does Apple automatically turn on subtitles offline without discussion when this option is “optional” for Samsung? If South Koreans automatically activate the function for everyone, the Galaxy user network will grow like mushrooms after rain …

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The biggest difference between offline localization of Samsung and Apple? The American giant does not ask for anything and runs the job indiscriminately after logging into your Apple account. When adding a Samsung account, offline translation is marked ‘Optional’. You have to check it yourself or manually activate it in settings. This is a big stumbling block …

You can buy the improved Galaxy SmartTag + locator in the Czech Republic for 1,499 CZK in the blue version we tested and also in the black variant. The base locator variant, ie without UWB support, is based on CZK 899. Have a test for you You can read it here.

Summary of key facts about SmartTag selectors: