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Lebanese singer Nawal Al Zoghbi announces that her son works as a room service: work strengthens his personality (video)

The name of the Lebanese singer, Nawal Al Zoghbi, was published on social networking sites, after it was announced that her son was now working as a room service, indicating that this work strengthens his personality.

Nawal Al-Zoghbi confirmed, during her meeting with Rudolf Hilal on the “lbc” channel, that her son’s work makes him a man, pointing out that his monthly salary does not exceed 300 dollars.

She explained that her son’s work is closely related to his studies, and that he practices it on the ground in order to benefit from his studies, noting that he always refuses precious gifts that surprise him.

During this month, Nawal Al Zoghbi released her song, “I’m Not WhatsApp” on her YouTube channel.

And she appeared in the song’s clip with a new and different look in terms of looks and costumes. Nawal presented through the song, which is in the Egyptian dialect, the rhythmic musical style, and it came in a renewed template in terms of the lyrical text, fast melody and musical arrangement.

She collaborated on the song with the poet Amr Al-Masry, composed by Amr Al-Shazly, distributed by Amr Al-Khodary, and directed by Dan Haddad.

A few days ago, the Lebanese singer sent a message of reconciliation to her fellow Tunisian singer Latifa, following the misunderstanding that occurred between them in “Trio Riyadh”. Nawal Al Zoghbi wrote on her Twitter account: “Latuf, you are my sister, my friend, and a great artist. I was happy that we sang together, and the movement that took place in the theater was very spontaneous and loving.”

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For her part, Latifa replied to her colleague, saying: “Sure, my soul, you. I will die in you and in your sweet heart and soul. We look a lot like each other in spontaneity, and I took the mic from you in the rehearsal. I love you, dear Nuno.”