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Lebanese singer Nawal Al Zoghbi kicks off the new year with the song “I’m Not WhatsApp”

Beirut – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Lovers and lovers of the art of the Lebanese singer Nawal Al-Zoghbi are waiting tomorrow, Wednesday, when she will present her latest lyrical work, “I Don’t WhatsApp”, produced by “Life Styles Studios”, which announced the date of the release of the song that Al-Zoghbi filmed as a video clip in Beirut. Under the direction of director Dan Haddad. The song, in the Egyptian dialect, was written by the poet Amr Al-Masry, composed by Amr El-Shazly, and arranged by Amr Al-Khodary. And the singer shone, along with a group of Arab singing stars, namely Najwa Karam, Nancy Ajram, Elisa, Angham, Asala, Latifa, Walid Tawfiq, Assi El-Hellani, Saber Al-Rubai, Wael Kfoury and Bahaa Sultan, in the largest musical trio on a historic night, the first. Of its kind, it was known as the “Above the Imagination” night, which was held at the end of the Riyadh Season activities and in celebration of welcoming the New Year.
The surprise of the artistic evening was the participation of singer George Wassouf, who sang along with the participating artists in musical works. And the Arab audience regained the famous duet scene, “Who is my love?” between Nawal and Wael Kfoury, amid wide interaction among the audience. The Trio Night documented lyrical works that brought together Arab stars years ago, so that the scene would be repeated in the Riyadh season in a modern and renewed way, amid the touches of three musical maestros, represented by Amir Abdel Majeed, Medhat Khamis, and Hani Farhat, who led the orchestra with creativity and distinction. The male and female artists also participated in presenting a unified song, “You Have Freedom,” and took a memorial photo with the CEO of Rotana, Salem Al-Hindi.

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