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انتخابات لبنان 15مايو.. عون يوقع مرسوم دعوة الهيئات الناخبة

Lebanon’s May 15 elections

The President of Lebanon, General Michael Aun, called on the electoral bodies to elect members of the House of Representatives in Lebanon. Signed at 8590, it is scheduled for May 15 for residents, May 12 for staff and May 6. And 8 for foreigners.

The text of the decree reads as follows: “The President, in terms of the Constitution, specifically Article 42, Law No. issued on June 17, 2017. 44 (Election of Members of the House of Representatives) and its amendments, in particular Articles 41, 42, 88, 111 and 118, on the proposal of the Minister of Home Affairs and Municipalities, Article One: Law No. 17/6. Electoral systems in all electoral districts referred to by 44/2017 and its amendments are invited to elect members of the House of Representatives on the following dates: Voting for Lebanese living in Lebanon territory on Sunday 15/5/2022. Voting for employees participating in the election process on Thursday, 12/5/2022. Voting for Lebanese who do not live in Lebanon on Sunday 8/5/2022 in the following countries:

French Republic-United States-Canada-United Arab Emirates-Australia-Germany Federal Republic-Great Britain and Northern Ireland-United Kingdom-C டிte d’Ivoire-Sweden-Belgium-Federal Republic-Brazil-Swiss Confederation-Nigeria Federal Republic-Mexico – Kingdom of Spain – Republic of Ghana – Republic of Turkey – Republic of Bolivia – Kingdom of the Netherlands – Republic of Gabonese – Republic of Cyprus – Republic of the Congo – Sierra Leone – Denmark – Republic of Senegal – Romania – Democratic Republic of the Congo – Islamic Republic of Hellen – Benin Togo – Zambia – Republic of South Africa – Republic of Liberia – Republic of Guinea – Ukraine – Angola – Federal Republic of Russia – Mali – Burkina Faso – Austria – Colombia – Ireland – Cameroon – Republic of Hungary – Ecuador – Republic of Luxembourg. “

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The order indicated that the voting of Lebanese non-citizens in Lebanon will take place on Friday 6/5/2022 in the following countries: Saudi Arabia – Qatar State – Kuwait State – Syrian Arab Republic – Oman Sultanate – Egypt Arab Republic – Bahrain Kingdom – Jordan Kingdom Kingdom.

Article Two: This Order shall be published in the Official Gazette, notified as required, and shall be effective immediately upon publication.