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Lebanon's rulers have impoverished people.. For the first time, a strongly worded UN report

Lebanon’s rulers have impoverished people.. For the first time, a strongly worded UN report

in the midst of drowning Lebanese Below the poverty line Since the unprecedented economic crisis erupted in the country more than two years ago, an independent report issued by the United Nations today, for the first time, condemned the Lebanese government andits central bankasserting that they committed human rights abuses when they impoverished people by destroying “the country’s economy ruthlessly”.

The United Nations Special Envoy to Combat Poverty, Olivier de Schutter, said: The government and the Bank of Lebanon They failed to secure the Lebanese’ rights to social security, health care, and an adequate standard of living over the three-year period of decline.

He also added that this crisis came “as a result of failed government policies,” and that officials did not approve reforms even as the situation deteriorated. He believed that “the cruel destruction of the Lebanese economy cannot be judged only by statistics, especially since an entire generation was condemned to poverty.”

The deteriorating living conditions in Lebanon (Archive – AFP)

Also, this report prepared by de Schutter, at the conclusion of a 12-day fact-finding mission, expressed regret for the scarcity of official Lebanese data on poverty, after it relied heavily on local and international NGOs.


“They have a sense of impunity, and this is a very big problem,” the UN official told Reuters.

He also made it clear that Lebanese officials had seen the draft final report before it was published, but had not contested any of the allegations of rights violations.

In addition, he noted that the International Monetary Fund is the “only hope” for Lebanon if it can help alleviate rampant poverty.

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De Schutter had confirmed last November that Lebanese government officials seemed to live in another world, far from the difficulties faced by most of the population.

worst crises

It is noteworthy that the Lebanese economy collapsed two years ago and the local currency lost more than 90 percent of its value, while food prices jumped by 11-fold, and more than three quarters of the population became below the poverty line.

While the World Bank described the crisis as one of the worst since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, stressing that the country’s elite is responsible for this “deliberate depression.”