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Lebleba reveals the scenes of "Dima Amer" and congratulates Adel Imam

Lebleba reveals the scenes of “Dima Amer” and congratulates Adel Imam

4 whole years separated between “Zahra” in “Dima Amer” and “Ilham” in “The Street that Wants Rana”. After all these years, the great artist Lebleba returned to the television audience by working for the second time also with director Magdi El-Hawary, in a television work that brings her together for the first time. Artist: Mustafa Shaaban.

The work discusses many important issues for society, through the character of “Mays Zahra”, the school director, who is trying to advance the school and solve its problems, through a plan and study that she is trying to implement, where she faces many issues .. She talked about her return to singing through work, and behind the scenes work, especially with Filming in more than one governorate, as well as focusing on vitiligo issues and people of determination..according to the “Al” website.

his case..

Regarding work, she said that it deals with an important issue, which is education, as it is the most important thing in our lives, the future of our children and their minds, in addition to being the basis for the advancement of the country. The new one that will complete the journey.

After that, I focused on the dramatic lines of the character “Mays Zahra”, which is the first time that I present the character of the school principal. I liked the role and its details and how she gave her life to science at the expense of her private life. She had never married in her life, because those who proposed to marry her were rejecting the idea She completed her education, which she objected to because she had dreams and ambitions in this field.. In addition to the presence of director Magdy El Hawary, she previously collaborated with him in the series “The Street that Wants us”.

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She said, “The character was not easy at all, so I resorted to my brothers to get information from them, and a friend of mine helped me to interview the director of the International School, and I learned many details from her, and the truth of that interview was the most thing that helped me understand the character and its dimensions and accurately draw its features, including how she deals with students and teachers.” And I began to write down in my mind everything that pertains to her, starting with the character’s look and clothes, the way she walks and her speech, in order to be able to present her well. itself.

And about the reactions to the role, she said that they were very strong and made me happy, as they are evidence of the character’s success, as the series managed to touch an issue of interest to the audience, as they called me “Mays Zahra” in the street, meaning that they forgot “Lebleba” and united with the character, and sometimes They were playing with me in the name of the character, and I will not forget the happiness that appeared on the features of the cleaner in front of my house, as I got to know him when I was returning from filming at half past six in the morning, and I found him calling me once “Mays Zahra” and I was overwhelmed with joy.

And with the birthday of the leader, Adel Imam approaching, she said: Every year, you are good, our leader and our teacher. “In 2014, and then “Mamoun & Partners” in 2016, and despite being comedic works, they provided lessons to citizens, which is what is repeated with “Dima Amer.”

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