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"مرفوض قانونيًّا".. هل يُستبعد التطبيع بين العراق وإسرائيل بعد اجتماع أربيل؟

“Legally Rejected” .. Is normalization between Iraq and Israel ruled out?

11:21 PM

Saturday 25 September 2021

Books – Muhammad Ataya:

“It is not impossible for Iraq to announce one day the normalization of relations with Israel…Many Iraqi officials traveled secretly to Israel, but Iraq is divided between America and Iran, and does not want to antagonize either party,” this is how Iraqi political analyst Abdul Karim Al-Wazzan describes the position His country refused to normalize relations with Israel, following a “mysterious” meeting held yesterday between some tribal figures residing in the city of Erbil in the Kurdistan region, which sparked widespread controversy.

In a statement issued this morning, the Iraqi government quickly condemned and denounced the meeting, which was held with the aim of promoting normalization with Israel. She affirmed her categorical rejection of these “illegal” meetings, stressing that normalization with Israel is constitutionally and legally rejected.

A statement by the Prime Minister’s Media Office stated that “the government confirms, from the outset, that these meetings do not represent the people and residents of Iraqi cities, which these figures are desperately trying to speak on behalf of their residents, and that they represent the positions of those who participated in them only.”

The statement added that the government clearly expressed Iraq’s consistent historical position in support of the just Palestinian cause, defending the rights of the Palestinian people, foremost of which is their right to an independent state with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital, and rejecting all forms of settlement, aggression and occupation practiced by Israel against the Palestinian people.

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Iraqi Kurdish figures held a conference yesterday calling for normalization between Iraq and Israel, in the first call of its kind launched during a conference held under the title “Peace” and organized in Kurdistan under the auspices of the Peace Communications Center based in New York and called “CBC” for acronym, and addressed the issue of normalization between Israel, Arab countries and the convergence of civil societies.

“mysterious conference”

Today, Saturday, the Ministry of Interior in the Kurdistan Regional Government decided to expel figures who called for normalization with Israel.

The ministry said in a statement, “One of the civil society organizations held a workshop in Erbil for several personalities from some governorates of Iraq to work on the concepts of coexistence and the application of the foundations of federalism in Iraq in the light of the permanent Iraqi constitution, but unfortunately some of the supervisors of this activity distorted this workshop from Its objectives and use for political purposes in the way it was far from the conditions for granting licenses to hold such workshops.”

She added, “During this activity, words and statements were made that do not correspond in any way with the official policy of the Kurdistan Regional Government and do not reflect the policy of the region, and on this basis, the Ministry of Interior will take legal measures against the people who distorted the course of this meeting, and penalties will be imposed against violators whatever. they were”.

She pointed out that “the region, as a constitutional entity and within the framework of federal Iraq, is always committed to the official foreign policy of the Iraqi state and never allows the freedom and democracy prevailing in it to be exploited for other political intentions and purposes, and the people who did so will be expelled and will not have a foothold in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.” .

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For his part, the Iraqi political analyst, Abdul Karim Al-Wazzan, said in statements to Masrawy, that the conference was “surprising and mysterious”, and Kurdistan “disowned it”, and said that it would “work to alienate the personalities calling for it.”

Al-Wazzan expressed his dissatisfaction with the circumstances that allowed the conference to be held, and once again deplored such a meeting, which he described as “mysterious.”

“Normalization is not impossible”

Despite the Iraqi government’s rejection and denunciation, in an official statement, of the slogans called for by the conference, Al-Wazzan considered that normalizing relations between Iraq and Israel is “not impossible”, but at the same time it is not simple or easy to happen.

He explained that “there are many members of the Iraqi government who have traveled to Israel and are working in secret and are waiting for the right time, but the issue is premature, and this conference has question marks.”

In response to his question about the possibility of normalizing relations between Iraq and Israel, he said, “It is not impossible, as Iraq is likely to be printed as long as the Iraqi government is American and Iranian.”

Al-Wazzan explained that “until the elections in the country are over and the position of the new government becomes clear, nothing can be certain about normalization with Israel.”

He added that at the same time, “Iraq cannot contradict Iran, and Iran’s policies are known to be hostile to Israel… But it must be borne in mind that Iraq is divided between America and Iran, and that its position is currently closer to Iran.”

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The Iraqi political analyst stressed that “it is not possible to form any government away from Iran, because it is more in control, and its touches are clear, and the Iraqi army is not 100 percent patriotic, but it is bombed with parties, militias and sectarianism.”