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Legendary hockey player Mark Pavlich: He committed suicide.  He choked on a bag!

Legendary hockey player Mark Pavlich: He committed suicide. He choked on a bag!

The sadness of losing the legend did not subside yet, and another blow was dealt. The death of “Miracle on Ice” hockey master Marek Pavilic († 63) in March was a suicide!

The legendary American striker wrote in 1980 under the shocking victory of the USA over the Soviet Union in the final set of the Olympic tournament in Lake Placid, when he scored a decisive 4: 3 goal for his partner, Erzione. But after his career, he went downhill.

He had spent the past two years in a psychiatric hospital attacking his neighbor with a metal rod. It felt as though he had thrown something into the beer after hunting, had broken ribs and vertebrae and had bruises on his kidneys. He exhaled one last time at the medical center, where he decided to end his chaotic life.

Mark Pavlich (63) in the USA

The Minnesota office said Pavelitch died of asphyxiation and would have used a plastic bag to commit suicide. “He committed suicide, it was not an accident.” Said a pathologist from Anuka County. Perhaps his poor mental state had several causes.

The former New York Rangers player suffered several serious head injuries during his career, which had a bad effect on his brain functioning. In 2012, a family tragedy struck when his wife, Cara, passed away, and she fell from the balcony while looking for a better signal. “He died at that point,” Mark’s sister Jane said. To make matters worse, due to financial problems, he sold his gold medal from Lake Placid in 2014 for more than 5.5 million crowns at the time.

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Everything culminated in the said conflict with an acquaintance. The legendary did not go to prison because the court found him mentally ill and sent him to the hospital. He is no longer from here …

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