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Leo Pavelt: Today, too, I am responsible for the Covid pandemic

Did the sixth come out of his historical ignorance?
The origin is ideological and religious since ancient times, as it was said that whoever is wrong is wrong. Those who subdued him also crushed his religious ideals. They did not give in to this, but the situation worsened for them when the priesthood departed from Judaism and was attached to secular power. Urujc became the new law, Judaism in its autonomy, and zeal like an old man was handed down to the past. This is how relations have been established in Europe for many centuries, where people are placed unequally. After losing the wolf to the meme (1st century AD, editor’s note) Happiness was dispersed in the historical homeland, and existence depended on the well-being of the queen. Insomnia and religious ignorance raised dark accusations, including ritual lying.

Anti-Semitism today is largely associated with the existence of the State of Israel, it has become a kind of collective identity. I was insisting on equality and dignity as an individual, today as a nation.

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Dottie’s line to finish

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