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Leonids meteors falling from the sky of Egypt in a creative appearance

Leonids meteors falling from the sky of Egypt in a creative appearance

The sky of Egypt is witnessing now, the meteor showers, which are considered one of the wonderful and beautiful astronomical phenomena in watching, monitoring and photography, and this is an astronomical phenomenon that all amateur astronomers and those interested in this field await. Leonids are a medium meteor shower that amateur astronomers have been waiting for around the world.

Dr. Tadros stated that the Leonids meteor showers number about 15 meteors per hour at their peak, and pointed out that the semi-full moon dominates the sky this year, and will obscure most of the meteors except for the bright ones.

He explained that the best conditions for watching meteor showers will be right after midnight from a completely dark place far from the city lights, where the meteors appear as if they were coming from the Leo, but they can appear anywhere else in the sky..

The professor of astronomy noted that the full moon will cause a problem this year for seeing a large number of them, as moonlight obscures most of the faint meteors.

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