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"Let me die with him." A Palestinian mother clings to her son's grave in the face of bulldozers sweeping a Jerusalem cemetery

“Let me die with him.” A Palestinian mother clings to her son’s grave in the face of bulldozers sweeping a Jerusalem cemetery

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Israeli bulldozers continued to raze the Yusufiya cemetery adjacent to Al-Aqsa Mosque from the eastern side, for the second day in a row.

A group of Jerusalemites has held a sit-down since the morning hours in the cemetery’s land, in protest against the works in the place, during which the Israeli forces arrested a young man, while verbal altercations erupted between the residents and settlers.

The media and social networking sites circulated videos showing the mother of the late Al-Maqdisi, Alaa Nababta, screaming, “Alaa Yama, let me die with him,” clinging to his grave and refusing to leave, while the Israeli forces are trying to force her away from him in preparation for bulldozing what’s around him.

In another clip, a Jerusalemite citizen says, “We are ready to die here, and my brother rests in his grave.” He sits on his brother’s grave and sleeps next to him to protect him from bulldozers.

Workers from the Negev withdrew from work from the cemetery’s land, after learning that the work was taking place inside an Islamic cemetery, as they refused to complete their work. The camera spotted a Jerusalemite thanking the bulldozer driver Hisham Al-Hawashneh, from the Negev, for his withdrawal from work and “respect for his manhood.”

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The bulldozing comes just one day after the so-called “Nature Authority”, reinforced by army forces and Jerusalem municipality crews, exhumed graves that were completely and permanently obliterated yesterday, in preparation for turning them into a “Biblical garden”.

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The bulldozing operations resumed after the Israeli judiciary rejected, on October 17, the request of the Islamic Cemetery Care Committee of the Islamic Endowment in Jerusalem, to prevent the municipality from continuing to exhume and violate the sanctity of the graves of the dead in the land of the martyrs’ tomb.

The Israeli authorities had bulldozed a few weeks ago parts of the cemetery of the martyrs, which dates back hundreds of years, where parts of the remains and bones of martyrs and the dead appeared, which sparked widespread anger among Jerusalemites.

butt So the citizens reburied the remains in the cemetery, Before the authorities renewed today, they exhumed and obliterated it completely.

Earlier, a member of the Executive Committee of the Liberation Organization, Ahmed Al-Tamimi, stressed in a statement that bulldozing parts of the cemetery is a “crime and a violation of the sanctity of the dead by digging up graves,” warning of its consequences.

He added that this violation “puts the international community and its bodies in the crosshairs of accusation and participation in it, as it remains silent and overlooks the deterrence and accountability of the Israeli occupation authorities.”

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There is no sanctity for Palestinian cemeteries in the settlement law

For its part, the Jerusalem Governorate stressed that “what happened and is happening in the Yusufiyah cemetery, from the clear targeting of Muslim graves, can only be considered a heinous and disgusting crime from parties as long as they lament the injustice and persecution of other peoples for them, their beliefs and their people.”

The Israeli forces had demolished the cemetery’s wall and the stairs at the entrance leading to it in early December 2020, and then continued excavation and bulldozing work in the Martyrs’ Cemetery, which contains the remains of martyrs from the Iraqi and Jordanian armies, in favor of the “Biblical Garden Path.”

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Source: Palestinian media + RT