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Martin Vopěnka

Let’s not bow to doctors – Dení

There is no doubt that the doctors have come under a lot of pressure over the past year. Well, at least some of them. Some of them have proven that the medical profession is also important to them, and they are willing to pursue it at the cost of sacrificing their personal time. I myself have many friends among doctors, whose personal commitment in a particular field is impressive and the responsibility is unenviable.

Nevertheless, I believe that the general glorification of the doctors must be fulfilled. There is no reason to bend down to doctors to take care of our health. It’s the content of their work and they get paid for it. The bus driver who led us to the finish line without an accident deserves similar gratitude, the power plant worker, thanks to which we can light up the evening at home, the stage actor who brings us to other ideas, the businessman who gives people work, but most of all is every farmer He developed a product that keeps us from starving. After all, doctors themselves rely on food. However, I do not remember any initiative on their part in which they advocated showing greater respect and appreciation for the peasants.

There is nothing but human fear behind an excessive respect for doctors. Almost everyone in our soul corner is concerned about their health, and once we stop doing so well in regards to health, we cling to the doctors as salvation. While food has become a norm in good times. We have no doubt that we will find full shelves for food in the store and that we will have something to eat in the morning, noon, and evening.

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Martin Fopinka
Writer and publisher

It must be said that being a doctor is a wonderful job everyone who has worked for should be grateful deep down. This is precisely because he can take over his job as a task at the same time. Who is lucky today?

Being a doctor is also a job with a high degree of safety. Whatever happens, whether or not the crisis occurs, and whether society becomes impoverished, doctors will never find themselves among the unemployed or the low-wage earners. Certainly, some of them, like those who work in children’s hearts with great dedication, and thus give children hope for a full life, should be paid much better. This is just one example among many. Plus, my brain isn’t ruling out why it’s pushing it anyway

An allergist or dermatologist spends his entire working life in the comfort of an office, primarily prescribing a few types of medications. And again, I’m not saying that all allergists or dermatologists are like that. Simply, there are major differences between physicians. Whether in publishing or in quality. In addition to the great doctors, we also have the bad people who show their superiority over the patients and don’t treat them as equals. Or they just don’t want to communicate. After all, we all have some great memories and some terrible memories of meeting doctors.

Some sayings of MUDr. Milan Kubik – Head of the Medical Chamber – one would almost feel that we have some kind of upper class here – that is, medical class – similar to Indian caste society. So it must be remembered that doctors graduate for the sake of taxpayer money, which does not diminish every student’s efforts to invest in their studies. The vast majority of doctors are paid with public funds. So they can only be as rich as society. Just as society can afford it. There is no such thing as a unified mass of great, wonderful, and dedicated doctors. Being a doctor in and of itself does not say anything about a person’s moral or professional qualities.

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The tendency to glorify doctors as a whole is strong, and in response to what has happened here in the past year, is certainly natural. However, it is imperative that we stand firm so that one profession attains a stronger social position than it belongs to. Society depends on good work and the cooperation of many different professions. Even as a result of the Coronavirus crisis, the scale should not skew excessively in favor of just one professional category.

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