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Lewandowski and Haaland .. «The opposite direction»!!

Lewandowski and Haaland .. «The opposite direction»!!

Anwar Ibrahim (Cairo)
In a rare precedent in the European Champions League, Bayern Munich, without its former Polish star Robert Lewandowski, faces Barcelona in the second round of the competition at the Allianz Arena, the stronghold of the Bavarian club, which Bayern did not lose from Barca in this tournament at all. In humiliating and humiliating Barcelona by winning it more than once “8/2 in 2020, and 3/0 in the last version”, to the point that it prompted many game experts to say that this stadium has become a “cemetery for the Blaugrana”. However, optimists believe that Lewandowski’s transfer from Bayern to Barca will make the difference for Barcelona, ​​because he is a dangerous scorer and a great gain for the Catalans, and he is able to solve the “complex” that he himself was one of the reasons for when he was a Bayern player, where he was an effective partner with his goals in the victories of his previous team. .
The situation is different today in the second round of the group stage in this tournament, as “Liva” in the “opposite direction” became the leader of the Barca attack in the Bavarian stronghold, which has always witnessed his brilliance in the ranks of his former team.
All the evidence indicates that Lewandowski is able to declare himself strongly against his former team, after he started the tournament resplendent and scored 3 “hat-trick” goals in the first round match against Czech Plzen, to raise his total score of goals this season to 9 goals in 6 matches, And he is playing today’s match while he is in full physical and technical fitness, and he may have a deep-rooted desire to prove his loyalty and devotion to his new team, and this is why experts expect that he will succeed in defeating his old friend Manuel Neuer, Bayern goalkeeper, as he used to do and shake the opponents’ net while he is a player in the ranks of the German champions. Especially since Bayern is not at its best, as it has fallen into the trap of draw 3 times in the German Bundesliga this season.
The second case that went to the “opposite direction”, in this second round of the tournament, is the case of the young Norwegian international star Erling Halland, who moved in the last summer Mercato from his German club, Borussia Dortmund, to Manchester City, and the two teams meet tomorrow at the Etihad Stadium.

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Haaland was Dortmund’s top scorer last season, but today he is in the City camp, and he is surely failing to do his utmost to prove his worth to play for the England champion, even if it was at the expense of his former team.

Haaland has scored 12 goals in 8 matches so far with his new team. And the results of Borussia Dortmund indicate that it is in a poor technical condition, as evidenced by its losses in two matches from 6 rounds in the “Bundesliga”, and the team as a whole scored two goals less goals than Haaland scored alone in the “Premier League”!
This rare situation will raise the audience’s viewership of the Bayern Munich and Barcelona matches, and Manchester City and Borussia Dortmund, to its maximum levels, according to the “Radio Monte Carlo Sport” network, which will broadcast the two matches, because the fans and football experts are waiting with eagerness and great interest to know what each of the two can do. Lewandowski and Haaland with their former teams.