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LG has privacy-friendly wireless earbuds

The new wireless earbuds feature free ringtone FP From company LG whisper mode where you can place the right earbud next to your mouth during calls to use it as a dedicated microphone.

This feature is private for those moments when you don’t want to speak loud enough to pick up the sound from the earbuds in your ears.

There are three new earbuds in the lineup – the FP5, FP8 and FP9 – and they share a lot of features as they all work with noise canceling. It has three microphones per earbud, and has an IPX4 water resistance rating to withstand splashes.

The stem is 4.4 millimeters long, shorter than previous LG models, and they’ve improved drivers and diaphragms that the company claims provide more bass without affecting clarity.

Headphone spatial processing and 3D audio stage provide an audio experience that surrounds the listener.

However, there are individual features that are exclusive to one or two headphones. The main ones are reserved for the FP9 earphones. whose case can act as a wireless transmitter to allow the earphones to be used with non-Bluetooth enabled devices.

And using a USB-C to aux cable. The case can be connected to anything from a gaming console to an in-flight entertainment system, eliminating the need to use a separate Bluetooth adapter.

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LG updates the wireless listening experience

The FP8 and FP9 earphones feature LG’s bacteria-killing UV technology. Which the company says can kill 99.9 percent of bacteria present through the earbuds’ mesh within five minutes to reduce the chance of developing inner ear infections.

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The battery life of these two headphones has also been improved compared to the FP5. They can work for 10 hours when charged, or up to 24 hours when used with the charging case.

LG’s latest earbuds, paired with the TONE Free app, offer even more possibilities. And that’s by accessing the equalizer, ambient sound mode, and customizing touch control. Plus Find My Earbuds to help locate your earbud when it’s lost or misplaced.

The app also features a LAB, where users can access special settings such as whisper mode and game mode.

The FP8 model supports wireless charging. The new LG TONE Free FP series will be available starting this month in major markets. In a range of colors such as charcoal black and pearl white.

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