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LG launches a platform for trading NFT encrypted parts on TVs

LG has launched its new LG Art Lab on its smart TVs, for buying, selling and trading non-fungible NFT crypto parts.

The platform will now be available in the US on LG TVs running webOS 5.0 or later, and will be available from the home console.

“LG Business Sector Manager, Chris Jo, told the website:Tech Crunch“Many are trying to enter the world of NFT, but the beginning is usually complex and difficult, so our platform will allow millions of users within the United States to participate in this world positively and effectively, without having to deal with lines of code or learn blockchain technologies.”

Joe explained that LG is collaborating with Hedera Network to provide an application that allows users to purchase cryptocurrency through the LG Wallypto wallet, a cryptocurrency wallet on smartphones that the company has been developing since September 2021.

The new LG Art Lab platform introduces the Drops feature, which allows artists to tidy up their artist profiles and show their new works, and Live Drops, which allows users to receive real-time notifications with each new encrypted piece of art launched on the platform.

Joe pointed out that the new platform allows users to trade cryptocurrency at prices starting at $0.0001 per trade, without any hidden costs, which will facilitate trading.

It is noteworthy that Samsung preceded LG in launching its own cryptocurrency platform on its TVs earlier this year, the NFT Aggregation Platform, which it will present on all its new TVs that it will launch this year.

Samsung also offers the Smart Calibration feature, which allows its TVs to automatically adjust their settings so that they can display encrypted pieces of art in the same way that their developer intended to display them to the world.

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