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Libya demands recall of ancient Elgin marble pillars from Britain

Libya demands recall of ancient Elgin marble pillars from Britain

According to the British Telegraph newspaper, lawyers representing the Libyan government have demanded the return of the Libyan artefacts represented by the “Elin Marble Columns” found on the Queen’s Estate, which oversees the Windsor Park west of the British capital, London.

According to a Libyan news agency, lawyers seeking to return 2,000-year-old passages from Windsor Park to the ancient site of Leptis Magna near Tripoli have nothing on the table, including filing a lawsuit.

Mohammed Shaban, one of the Libyan government’s attorneys, confirmed to the Telegraph that the columns should be returned as a moral obligation or provide evidence that they were not stolen.

The Telegraph, for its part, insisted that Libya file a lawsuit against the administration of the “Queen’s Property”, claiming that the artifacts had been taken illegally by British authorities in the 19th century in order to return the antiquities.

The newspaper added that Libyan officials, disgusted with the presence of a part of their national heritage in the British park, were initially seeking “friendly” return of antiquities with the help of “property” management, but were later prepared to uplift them. Enter a lawsuit or legal dispute with UNESCO.

And the British newspaper, noting that Libyan authorities could wage a legal battle to defend the ornate assortment of stone and marble columns in UK courts or international courts.

The Telegraph reports that Alexander Herman, a reformer and director of the British Institute of Art and Law, told The Legal that legal claims to recover historically removed artifacts, such as the Libyan marble columns, often face insurmountable challenges, but that legal brilliance is possible.

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