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Libya’s parliament on Dabaiba’s decision to grant nationalities: a dangerous act

Libya’s parliament on Dabaiba’s decision to grant nationalities: a dangerous act

In a new chapter of Chapters of the clash between the Libyan government headed by Abdel Hamid Dabaiba and ParliamentToday, Monday, a parliamentary committee called for an investigation into Dabaiba’s previous decision to grant Libyan citizenship to specific groups, most notably the children of Libyan women married to foreigners.

This decision sparked controversy in the corridors of Parliament, especially since a number of deputies considered it dangerous to the demographic structure of the country.

inquiry request

In the details, MP Talal Al-Maihoub, head of the Parliament’s Defense and National Security Committee, described Dabaiba’s decision as “extremely dangerous”, considering that it threatens the country’s national security from a demographic point of view.

He also added, according to what was reported by local media, that he had asked the Attorney General to open an investigation with the Prime Minister regarding the decision to form a committee to grant Libyan citizenship.

A session of the Libyan parliament (archive – AFP)

These criticisms come to increase the rift between the House of Representatives and the National Unity Government, especially after Parliament announced last week, in an unexpected crisis, the withdrawal of confidence from it, half a year after it assumed power and 3 months before the end of its tasks and the holding of general elections in the country, in a step It further complicated the country’s political landscape.

In a closed session in Tobruk, and after weeks of mutual criticism between the two parties, 89 out of 113 deputies voted to withdraw confidence. However, the Speaker of Parliament later confirmed that the government will continue to operate public utilities until the appointment of others or perhaps elections.

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