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Licensing a Russian airline to operate flights to Marsa Alam Airport

Licensing a Russian airline to operate flights to Marsa Alam Airport

Informed sources with the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority revealed that a private Russian airline obtained a permit to operate international flights between Moscow and Marsa Alam airports during the next few period, following the resumption of the Russian tourist movement to Egyptian resorts last week, and within the framework of the Ministry of Civil Aviation’s keenness to further revitalize the country. International tourist movement incoming to the country.

The sources added, in exclusive statements to “Al-Dustour”, that the competent authorities of the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority agreed to a Russian private airline to operate regular and irregular “charter” flights between Moscow and Marsa Alam international airports for the first time, as that company is waiting for security approvals. From the Russian Ministry of Transport, which is scheduled to issue its decision next week, in light of the huge technical and human capabilities and equipment that has recently characterized Marsa Alam International Airport, as well as the airport’s obtaining a health accreditation certificate for safe travel from the Airports Supreme Council during the first quarter of this year.

The sources indicated that a German technical committee is scheduled to arrive at Marsa Alam International Airport on August 17, to follow up the security, insurance, health and preventive measures followed at the airport, in preparation for facilitating tourist flights coming from various German airports to Marsa Alam city during the next few period. That committee, which is made up of technical staff in the operating sectors, visited all airport terminals, roads leading to it, airstrips, and technical and administrative offices, to take its decision on the resumption of German tourist flights to the airport.

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The sources pointed out that Marsa Alam Airport has recently witnessed a noticeable increase in the rates of air and passenger operations of various nationalities, in addition to domestic flights coming from Cairo, Marsa Matrouh and Burj Al Arab airports through various national and private Egyptian airlines.