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light of hope.  Tokyo was wearing the Olympic colors

light of hope. Tokyo was wearing the Olympic colors

Despite the coronavirus pandemic still spreading, Tokyo decided to celebrate on Wednesday. In the Japanese capital, they started the countdown to the last 100 days until the start of the Summer Olympics, which the epidemic has postponed by a year. As a symbol of hope for overcoming the global crisis, the Tokyo landmark, the so-called Skytree, shined the Olympic colors of our afternoon.


Marking 100 days before the start of the Summer Olympics, the world’s second tallest building wore the traditional colors of the Olympic rings, symbolizing five inhabited continents linked to the Olympic ideal to lift people’s spirits during the pandemic.

“The Games will be a celebration of resilience, solidarity and mutual fellowship,” said Seiko Hashimoto, Creative President of the Tokyo Olympics, and said the ceremony was to highlight hope and comfort in these difficult times.

Tokyo introduced Olympic mascots


The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games was to be held in Tokyo on July 24, 2020, but four months ago (in March) it was decided to postpone the Games for a year due to the ongoing Corona virus pandemic. The new date was July 23, 2021, and the closing ceremony is scheduled for August 8.

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