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Lightyear .. The secret of choosing Chris Evans to star instead of Tim Alan

The announcement of a movie about Lightyear from the “Toy Story” series has fans excited and nostalgic for the character.

The character Lightyear is known in Arabic as “Buzz Tayer”, and has long been one of the favorite characters for adults and children in the animation series, so what happened in the new movie?

According to the American “Monster Critics” website, American actor Tim Allen was famous for playing the character, and he was one of the lucky charms that caused the series to achieve such success. So why then was he replaced by the Avengers hero, Chris Evans, who didn’t have the same success as Tim with the movie?

The Secret of Choosing Chris Evans

When Lightyear was announced, film director Angus McLane revealed that the new movie’s plot had baffled audiences, and turned to film producer Gillan Susman for further clarification.

Sussman said that the movie “Lighttier” will focus on a specific detail. In 1995, during the implementation of the Toy Story series, Andy received a toy, and the game was from his favorite movie, “Lightier is that movie.”

The director revealed that they did not choose Tim Allen for the role, as this may cause more confusion for the audience, especially since the upbringing of the character in the film is complex.

He went on to say that Chris Evans is a Buzzer who flies the game from the movie that inspired Toy Story, and that the new Lightyear leans on science fiction, so Tim Allen’s choice of comedians to play the character is not appropriate.

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The film Lightyear revolves around the origin of the game character Buzz Flies, and how his adventures in space began.