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Like House: Woodpecker commented on sex with Bára, it's a clone of his girlfriend

Like House: Woodpecker commented on sex with Bára, it’s a clone of his girlfriend

Once the reality show begins like Lake House, this is the number one scandal in the world. Marek Valašek, who allegedly spent a passionate night with Barbora Střítesk, was forced to break free from the series. The problem is that Marek, nicknamed Woodpecker, is already hired. He has now decided to comment on a possible trip.

Seven influencers were voluntarily locked up in a villa near Byron, where they were spending all of their time together. The reality show Like House is reminiscent of VyVolené, but in a more recent release.

Until now, the audience had the opportunity to watch the first part, in which everyone was exposed to different challenges. After filming, they decide to drink everything. Marek Valashik, whom no one but the woodpecker calls him, prefers to refrain from doing so if he knows what is going to happen.

The alcohol led to a good party, and it was supposed to end with sex between Bára and Datl, who was set. “I have information direct from Lake House. He was supposed to get drunk and sleep with Barra,” a source told the site. extraWho brought it first.

Woodpecker decided to comment on the scandal

Valášek decided to comment on everything he thought of. “Today the first negative articles about myself started spreading,” Dattel said on Instagram. “I wanted to comment on that here. I will not say what it is precisely because I will not support the spread of lies.” Everyone has what he’s talking about.

“I want to tell you that you are rational enough to realize one thing, which is that we are here in the villa. It’s a great fact that the street will write an article. Congratulations. But they are not here with us. People,” Others get dirty.

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It should be noted that the article was published on the statement of a person close to Lake House. Woodpecker must be aware of this and start paying attention if he doesn’t want his relationship with his girlfriend Nicole to end in ruin.

He told the audience, take your mind

“I just wanted to ask you not to believe everything. Like I say, we are here and we know what the truth is. If you start working and the situation calls for me to comment more on that, maybe we have fun, come back in the future.

“Share your opinion and opinion and do not believe everything that is written somewhere,” he appeals to the audience. However, it doesn’t matter that Barra looks like his girlfriend very much. It is hard to believe that he does not like her and will resist intimate pleasures with her.

Source: YouTube