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Like staying at the zoo.  Prince Harry openly criticized the upbringing in the royal family

Like staying at the zoo. Prince Harry has openly criticized the upbringing in the royal family

Prince Harry has heard many times that life in the royal family is not a feather. This time he shared his impressions in an hour and a half Podcasto Armchair expert with American actor Dax Shepard. During the interview, even being part of the royal family has been likened to staying at a zoo in conjunction with the Truman Show. The British media, whose criticism Harry had not escaped for a long time, contributed to this.

The Truman Show

It’s a parody from 1998, starring Jim Carrey. Until the age of 30, the hero of the story almost had no idea that he had lived in huge film studios from birth and was the star of a world-famous TV series with high proportions. As he says The web ČSFD, the film explores the power of the media and the increasingly blurred line between reality and its media or virtual image.

Harry thought he had to realize that “the royal business” wasn’t right for him before his 30th birthday. The reason is his earlier ability to notice the impact this life had on his mother, Princess Diana. However, he was forced to smile and put up with everything. However, because he “saw behind the scenes”, he did not want to be a part of the world.

In an interview, Prince Harry promoted the new documentary series The Me You Can’t See on Apple TV +, which will debut next week and collaborate with presenter Oprah Winfrey. The series focuses on the mental health that the prince himself cares about. He allegedly started attending therapies after talking to his wife Megan, who immediately saw some things related to royal life hurt him.

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“There is no guilt. I don’t think we should point the finger or blame anyone, but definitely regarding parenthood, if I had experienced some kind of pain and suffering due to the pain and suffering my father or both parents went through, I would.” Prince Harry , Archie’s two-year-old father, who will soon have a younger sister, “Be sure to break this ring, so I don’t move it.”

Although the accusation was avoided, Harry sharpened more in the waters around Prince Charles. During his life, he had to begin to notice some parts of his father’s life that could be reflected in Charles’s treatment while raising him – whether it was his father’s personal experiences or Charles’s parents’ approach to raising. But Harry did not want to repeat this in the case of his children.

“And here I am, I have moved the entire family to the US.“ It wasn’t planned, but sometimes you have to decide and put family health and mental health first, ”Prince Harry said, referring to how he felt during his life in Los Angeles compared to With what it was like his life in the United Kingdom in previous years. ..

Harry and Meghan abdicated their royal duties last year. The fact that they would not return as working members of the royal family was announced in February of this year. Buckingham Palace and Clarence House, the home of Prince Charles and his second wife Camilla, have yet to comment on Harry’s recent remarks.