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Like staying at the zoo.  Prince Harry openly criticized the upbringing in the royal family

Like staying at the zoo. Prince Harry openly criticized the upbringing in the royal family

Prince Harry had heard many times that life in the royal family was not a feather. This time he shared his record in an hour and a half Podcast Armchair expert with American actor Dox Shepherd. During the interview, even being part of the royal family was compared to staying at a zoo with the Truman Show film. The British media contributed to Harry’s long-standing criticism.

Truman Show

It has been a satire film since 1998 starring Jim Carrey. The hero of the story does not seem to have been living in the biggest movie studios since he was almost thirty years old and the star of a TV series with worldwide fame and high ratings. As he says The web SFD explores the increasingly clear line between the power of film media and reality and its media or virtual image.

Before his thirtieth birthday, Harry thought he must have realized that he did not have a “royal job.” The reason is her previous ability to observe the impact of such a life on her mother Princess Diana. However, he must have been forced to put up with a smile and endure everything. However, because he “looked behind the scenes”, he did not want to be a part of the world.

“No offense. I do not think we should point a finger or blame anyone, but of course in terms of parenting, if I have experienced any kind of pain and suffering due to the pain and suffering that both my father or parents have gone through, make sure I break this cycle,” he said. So I’m not over it, “said Prince Harry, the father of two-year-old Archie, who will soon have a sister.

Aside from the accusation, Harry further sharpened the water around Prince Charles. Over the course of his life, he began to notice certain areas of his father’s life that may have reflected in Charles ‘treatment during his growing up – whether it was his father’s personal experiences or Charles’ parental attitude in foster care. But Harry did not want to do it again in the case of his children.

“Here I am, I moved the whole family to the United States. It was not planned, but sometimes you have to decide family and mental health and put it first,” said Prince Harry, noting how much he felt during his life in Los Angeles and how his life in the UK had been in previous years. Compared to …

Harry and Megan relinquished their royal duties last year. It was announced in February this year that they would not return as working members of the royal family. Prince Charles and his second wife Camilla’s house Buckingham Palace and Clarence House have not yet commented on Harry’s recent comments.