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Like the sea. A tour around Lake Neusiedl will take you to another world

Hand in hand, what’s the thing you remember most after returning from a truly successful vacation? Isn’t the hand a little lower than the heart after all? Is it not a little on his stomach? Gastronomy is often what gives us the uniqueness of the place where we spend our spare time.

Austria and Burgenland are known for the quality and attention to regional cuisine. It is often a matter of personal and family honor. We owe a lifetime of gastronomy. The representative of all this is the Zur Dankbarkeit restaurant, which can be translated as gratitude. It is a family business with a history dating back four generations.

No imported meat, drinks or vegetables. Every week there is a new menu and most of the ingredients are from this village or the next village. And of course everything revolves around the lake.

It is strewn on your beacon

Not only the gastronomy, but nature and all life here is connected to the lake and we will not be further away from it than catching a fish. We’ll take some big chunks from Lake Neusiedl, the largest in Austria.

In the city of Podersdorf, where we start the day, you may be from Brno in a couple of hours. That’s good, right? In two hours by the sea! If you’ve slept for a while in a car or on a train that goes to Neusiedl via Vienna for only half an hour longer, you might really feel this way. Especially when the lighthouse at Podersdorf appears in front of you, you feel it sprinkling the lighthouse.



The cyclists on the sidewalk seem to be coming out of the water. And almost yes. The nearby camp is the summer residence for many of them. But also many other people: kayak makers, swimmers, tourists, children and sun loungers. Doesn’t cheap accommodation happen to be on your list of good vacation spots? In this case, we have a campsite in Podersdorf being fulfilled. By the way, a night in the pension can be bought here for 50 euros (1275 CZK).

A sea of ​​wine

So we have food, cheap accommodation too. What’s Next? vintage? no problem. A sea of ​​wine. Burgenland is a popular wine region. But before we throw ourselves in the wine, let’s go back a little. In fact, he came back a little.

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The origins of the Neusiedlersee date back about twenty million years. It was created through tectonic activity and the gradual drying of the original sea. So salt is still present here, especially in the smaller lakes outside the main body of water. All this also affects the wine growing and its final quality. So Salzl is an iconic name for one of the many local wineries.

A view in Neusiedler See Seewinkel National Park

A view in Neusiedler See Seewinkel National Park

It has been vineyard and wine production since 1840. Specifically, this winery produces 75% of red and 25% of white, but in the entire Lake Neusiedl region its production is about 50 to 50. The Salzl winery produces up to six hundred A thousand bottles of wine a year from one hundred hectares of vineyards. It even offers an 18L bottle. It must be a nice party.

Exotic Austria

So we have wine, too. What’s Next? Mostly on vacation we want to have a nice and quirky feel if possible. The unique fauna and flora around Lake Neusiedl is an Austrian national park and is listed by UNESCO. Austria is definitely a little different.

From the many wooden landscapes we can observe the landscapes with old wells and smaller lakes mentioned. As if you are moving not only in place but also at the right time.

Lake Neusiedl near Podersdorf

Lake Neusiedl near Podersdorf

When you see the Iron Curtain Watchtower, you’ll find that you never want to move much in time again! do not worry. The Watchtower is a gift from the Hungarian party and is used exclusively to observe nature. Everyone can go to it as well as to the entire park. You just have to be careful and polite. Not like a donkey.

By the way, I don’t know why these cute animals earned her an example of rudeness. You can even see white donkeys in the park, which you will definitely like. It is one of the few places in which it occurs and the entire national park is a place of unprecedented biodiversity. The beginning of the Alps meets here on the western side of the lake and on the eastern side of the Hungarian plain and steppe.

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As in the old days

And who does not want to feel young and healthy on vacation! In this case, we have a place for you to take you back to your childhood. Sorry, in some cases the childhood of your parents or even your grandparents. However, the Dorfmuseum Mönchhof is the perfect choice. It is essentially an entire village that maps the development of village life from 1890 to 1960.

An incredibly authentic village with five helpers in a green field was built by an enthusiastic idiot in his spare time, while he was going to build nurseries in Uganda for thirty years. Everything is practical and you can touch everything. The houses, living rooms, shops, craft workshops, barns and umbrellas, even the cinema – of course are functional, a photo salon where you can really change into vintage costumes and take pictures, or a church – beware – with a functional member! Once a year, at the end of July, everything comes to life in a big festival and the village really looks alive.

Mönchhof Village Museum

Mönchhof Village Museum

It’s not just the attraction of the fairground. The museum actually has an interesting historical value, and people who try this time, so to speak, when they ride the village on old bicycles with enthusiasm, as they were when they were children, and show their grandchildren what was used for what and what they had in the house or with their neighbors. And when they have enough, which will be a long time, they can sit in a bar. Functional course!

Aquatic theater

Here you can easily dream, but back to our current bike and bike paths. Around the lake, of course, everything is flat. The only hilltop for cyclists here is windy, but you don’t have to worry about increasing the altitude here, so asphalt trails off traffic roads are also suitable for families with children. You can drive dozens of kilometers around the lake, but there is a lot to do on the lake itself.

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By ferry, you can cross the lake in and around several places, and shorten the route, for example, if you want to get around it. The lake is full of yachts and they can of course be rented, as well as many boats and pedal boats. You can actually do any water sports here, except maybe snorkeling, because the lake is so shallow. But aren’t you missing some culture on that perfect vacation?

Morbisch Festival Complex

Morbisch Festival Complex

How about a theater on the lake? A summer operetta festival was held in Mörbes, and for more than sixty years they have been preparing an open-air theater on the lake in July and August. It is one of the largest and most popular summer theater festivals, and sitting in its auditorium is an experience unparalleled in Czech conditions.

There are three hundred artists and artists on stage and behind the scenes, and during the summer the festival will be visited by up to two hundred thousand spectators, and six thousand and two hundred of them will accommodate in the hall for a single show. Do you want to be one of them? You have a unique opportunity. The operetta in German might be a little difficult for us, but every five to seven years the operetta replaces musicals, so they plan the 20-meter-tall statue of Liberty at Mörbisch West Side Story for 2021. It will be played in German, but it will be sung in English. , And you can also watch this world-famous musical, even if you can’t say “America” ​​in English.

Good night

So what? Is there anything else you need for the perfect vacation? Maybe just sit down in the evening with a glass of good wine in a stylish waterside restaurant with the sun setting in the back. Don’t you think you’ll find it in Lake Neusiedl? Anyone who knows the Alps only from Austria will likely be surprised. But isn’t the surprise also part of a good vacation?