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Link to apply for the unified recruitment of the Ministry of Defense 1444 in Saudi Arabia for men and women

Unified recruitment application link The unified recruitment allows women and men to apply electronically to any of the recruitment sectors in the Ministry of Defense that includes many military ranks. The conditions and determinants that must be met by applicants of both sexes are then detailed.

How to apply for uniform recruitment

Men and women can apply for the unified recruitment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia via the Internet by following these steps:

  • Log in to the unified recruitment website via this “The link.”
  • Create a new account on the site by filling in the required data, such as name, national identity number, email, and mobile number.
  • Log in to the created account and fill out the online registration form, which includes national identity data, academic qualifications, skills and practical experience.
  • Upload the required documents, such as the general secondary certificate, a copy of the national ID, and a copy of the experience and training courses certificates, if any.
  • Carry out a medical examination and physical and psychological tests after making a pre-booking.
  • Choose the required specialization and choose the preferred sector to work in, with the possibility of choosing the preferred military branches.
  • Submit the application and wait for the response from the concerned authorities after completing all procedures.

Applicants should note that some basic conditions must be met to apply for unified recruitment, such as Saudi nationality, specific age, and the required academic qualification, and the conditions and requirements for each military sector must be checked before applying.

Link to apply for the unified recruitment, Ministry of Defense 1444

The Ministry of Defense periodically announces the availability of many military vacancies, and men and women can apply for them by opening the unified acceptance and recruitment portal for the various military ranks, which include (soldier, first soldier, corporal, sergeant, and sergeant).

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It is possible to apply for these jobs starting from Sunday 10/10/1444 AH corresponding to April 30, 2023 AD, and this is done by entering the application link designated for that on the Unified Admission and Recruitment Portal of “Here Those wishing to apply must check the conditions and requirements for each military rank and follow the procedures required to complete the application.