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ليونيل ميسي

Lionel Messi reveals the difference between the 2006 and 2018 World Cup, and a special message to the fans “Hewar”

The Argentina national team is preparing for the 2022 World Cup, the tournament that kicks off in Qatar on November 20. Argentina is in Group C of the 2022 World Cup, next to Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland.

Argentina will start its World Cup match against Saudi Arabia, on Tuesday, November 22, at noon.

The 2022 World Cup is the last tournament for Argentine Lionel Messi, captain of the Argentine national team and a player for Paris Saint-Germain, and the player hopes to conclude his football career by winning the tournament before retiring.

The Argentine newspaper, “Ole”, was keen to have a special interview with Lionel Messi, in order to discuss many important details of the player’s career before the World Cup, The conversation went as follows:

What lessons did you learn from your four World Cup finals, from Germany 2006 to Russia 2018?

The first time I was very young, I enjoyed it and at the same time I had the innocence and the anger of wanting to play, wanting more, and on the one hand, it’s a good thing and on the other hand I missed a lot of things I think about, and then the 2014 World Cup, we gave A very good performance, which was an unforgettable experience, one that I really enjoyed and as it became clearer than ever that the main and most important thing was to be a strong and united group.

And that ultimately leads you to the important goal, today I feel a lot of similarities between this group and the group since 2014 and all that process until the end of the World Cup, it looks very similar to me in that aspect, the group that was put together, I think the group and the mental strength is very important, After that I think I learned how to start the World Cup well and win the first game, and I think that’s key and is a lot to you for the rest of the World Cup, and I don’t know later I’m going to take the things I’ve been learning.

How do you deal with external pressures? And the high costs of traveling fans to attend the World Cup matches?

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On a people level, it has always happened to us in all World Cups, in Argentina, it has always been difficult for people to travel to World Cup matches and it has always been impossible to be there, and he will continue to do so because of who we are Argentina, because of how we feel. With him towards the national team, because we want to be there and because we do anything to be there, as a player and as a fan.

And on a stress level, I think we have to isolate ourselves from everything that people are going through, even though we have a great delusion, we are also realistic and we know we are having a good time; At the same time we have to know the World Cup is a very difficult tournament, because any details at the same time can leave you out of the game, anything can happen in the game, and we have to go from the first match to the next in the same way, it is a group that always does that and no matter what It was the match, they play it with the same intensity and focus and I think that’s very important, and he knew we were going to fight it but we wouldn’t be champions from the start like we Argentina think.

This is really wrong thinking about the round of 16, but you have to think about the first game, start winning, as I said before, it is necessary to start with the right foot, add three and I think that gives you peace of mind in the next stage, today we say it could be that And then it happens differently, for us also in the last World Cup before going, we were already in the round of 16, we were thinking about crossovers and in the end everything was different, and I think in the World Cup things always happen and one does not imagine, and advances are rare And we have to think about the first game.

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– Is it better to reach the next round without losing and how do you interact with the group?

The truth is that other than a statistic and a great record that will stay if we hit that goal, we don’t think about that either, and the bad ones will surely come at some point, and we will overtake them, this group is ready for evil, in fact we started from a bad group, this group was formed when We lost to Brazil in the Copa America semi-final in 2019 and from there what was created I think we will be ready, I hope they are not that bad and let’s move on, but we are fine as we are, without thinking about who is going to beat.

Have you made promises throughout your career?

The truth is that I am not a person who makes promises and I do not make promises, I always believe that God decides, God knows when the time is right, what is the time and what should happen, and I am always grateful for everything that has happened to me in football and in my life, what is to come will come and I believe that Whoever decides, I only think about it, the truth is that I am not the one who makes the promises.

Is there pressure from the older boys at PSG? Or Antonella during the current period?

Like in the whole country, there is a lot of anxiety in the family, especially from Antonella, in Thiago, he watches videos of the national team all the time, potential matches, competitors when are we going, when is the first match, when is the second, he is nervous and worried, the truth is It puts me under terrible pressure.

What do you want to get from your partner?

I don’t know, at this point in my career, I’m telling you, at this point that wanting to have something different from someone else is too late, what I did I did in my career, but on a personal level, everyone has their own personality or way of being, I love the characters Different, but I don’t know if I can be in one way, or not, in the game too, I don’t want to say I want nothing from anyone, that’s well understood, I am the same as I am and my age.

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– Lately you’ve seen fans come looking for you and competitors ask for your shirt and sometimes you have to say no, how do you feel in those different moments?

Well, sometimes the players give me something, and I tell them I already promised someone else, and outside looking at you in an ugly way, “He’s lying to me and you don’t want to give it to me”, but I actually promised someone else.

In all the matches, most of the time I change shirts, and then, recently, the issue of people has been happening a lot, in some I got scared like in the last match of the national team (with Honduras in Miami) when security came and hit me, but hey they are generally nice signs Too on affection and for someone to do something like that with all it’s mean and so crazy what they do knowing what could happen to them next, apart from that, you don’t know what the hell they do, how they do the security act, sometimes they are aggressive and they don’t It also takes a lot, but yes it is an uncomfortable moment for everyone because of what has been created.

– Completed the dialogue .. Messi sent a message to Argentina?

As always during an important competition we say the same, always grateful for all the love, I’m as excited as you Well let’s hope we give our all as always and fight, we will fight anyone because this group fights every match equally, plays well Better or worse, I have no doubt that he will not give up anything, that he can come out in the best way and I hope that God will help us.