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Lišany a volby.

Lishani and the fort yes? Some locals said Babish wouldn’t have much voice here

Andre Babis’ support in this farming village between Satic and Postoluberte is gradually eroding. Whether this trend would be confirmed in the current elections to the House of Representatives should have appeared after the number of votes. Many locals think so. Sixty percent as it was four years ago will not do that.

Saturday morning was painted in Lechani. The dominant feature of the sunny village square is a local church with a fire tank, and many women – political party candidates – laugh at the posters on the bulletin board. On the way from the polling station, located in the municipal office, Ladislav Horkel buys beer in a shop across from the village square. The Vietnamka factory is the last operating factory in Lechani. The second shop and pub are closed. “Many people here choose yes, but I am not one of them. I voted for SPD several years ago, and I love their program. A 68-year-old man who has been a truck driver his whole life explains.” He is one of 126 people from Leshani who have the right to vote. On the morning of Saturday 9 October, about half of them were called up.

The YES movement was not voted on by a middle-aged man and woman, who also came to the polling station on Saturday morning. “I used to vote for my grandmother, but he let me down. I no longer have the right to vote,” the man says. He didn’t want to say who was elected now. “I am upset by the scandals that keep popping up around him. I no longer trust him. For example, such a stork’s nest has not been resolved to this day,” the woman describes why she also chose someone else this year. On the contrary, an old man who is just preparing for the polling station in Leshani claims that he will vote yes. “I won’t reveal who I voted for, but from what I heard, locals don’t vote yes like they used to,” says the young woman on her way home from the store. A young couple having fun at a bus stop cannot go to the polls this year because of their age. “I will certainly not vote for my grandmother. I will vote for the pirates,” says the young man. His friend nodded in agreement.

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In Leshani, people have always voted a little differently than in the rest of the republic. During the 1996 House of Representatives elections, when a majority of Czechs voted for the Constitutional Democratic Party and the CSSD, the Republicans won the leadership of Sladic in a village in the Satec region. They got 37 percent of the vote there. Two years later, they won 43 percent of the vote, and in the 2002 elections, Leshani’s Republicans took 45 percent of the vote. Such high support for this controversial party was unique within the republic. In the following years, Lišany was distinguished by strong support from the Communists, in 2006 it was elected by a third of the population.

Lišany is famous in the region for its large piglet, which is located on the outskirts of the village. It is part of the company Animo Lišany, which belongs to the holding company Agrofert. About twenty locals work there. Agrofert founder and current Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis enjoyed exceptional support in the village after entering politics. During the 2013 House of Representatives elections, his movement gained nearly 40 percent in Leshani. When the Looney County Senate elections were held in 2014, the candidate of this movement, Zdeka Hamosova, received 90 percent of the vote in Leshani in the first round and up to 97 percent in the second. In the aforementioned 2017 House of Representatives elections, the movement won 60% of the vote. A year later, Milos Zeman won the presidential election by a landslide, who in 2018 can be described as a political ally of Andrej Babis. In the second round in Lechani, Zeman received 94 percent of the vote, the largest in the region. In the same year, he visited the village “as a reward”, and a tree was planted in Leshani in honor of the chief. The event reminds us of a plaque in the field.

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Leshani election results
In Lechani, out of 126 voters, 85 came to the polls at the municipal office. This means a participation rate of 67%. Obviously yes won there again, the movement was elected by 43 people. So he got half the votes. Although it is ten percentage points lower than in the House of Representatives elections four years ago, YES has improved in Leshani compared to last year and the year before. The Social Democratic Party had 27% in the municipality, and the coalition of right-wing parties together came in third with 8%.