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Lithuania and the enclave of Kaliningrad.. Russia warns that it will "release its hand"

Lithuania and the enclave of Kaliningrad.. Russia warns that it will “release its hand”

This comes after the authorities announced in Lithuaniadays ago, its intention not to allow the body Railways The transfer of Russian materials and goods, which the European Union has banned Russia from supplying, through Lithuanian territory.

It is worth noting that can not reach the pocket Kaliningrad From other Russian regions by land except through Lithuania.

Andrei Klimov, head of the Committee for the Protection of State Sovereignty in the Russian Parliament, stressed, through his account on Telegram, the importance of European Union The problem related to impeding the transportation of goods to the Kaliningrad region, and he promised, “Otherwise, Russia will solve the problem itself.”

Russia had agreed to the exit of the Republic of Lithuania from the Union of Soviet Republics to become a member of the European Union, after agreeing not to “impede transportation between Kaliningrad and other Russian regions,” according to the Sputnik website.

Klimov announced that Russia It will itself remove the obstacles that Lithuania has put in place if the European Union does not do so.

The Russian parliamentary official indicated that Moscow It will then treat Lithuania as a “non-EU country”, and it will act on the premise that the EU “has given a free hand”.

Lithuania defends its decision

On Monday, Lithuania defended its decision to prevent railway crossings from Russia to the region Baltic Sea Russian goods are subject to sanctions imposed by the European Union, in a move that angered Moscow amid high tensions in the region.

He said Lithuanian Foreign MinisterGabrielius Landsbergs said his country is simply implementing the sanctions imposed by the European Union, of which it is a member. He said the measures were taken after “consulting with European Commission and in accordance with its guidelines,” according to the Associated Press.

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“The sanctioned goods will no longer be allowed to cross Lithuania,” Landsbergs added.

Goods on the list include steel, but it is set to be broadly expanded to include items from coal to alcoholic beverages.