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Live from Like House: The woodpecker has trapped himself in the room and wants to leave.  Why trigger a hysterical scene?

Live from Like House: The woodpecker has trapped himself in the room and wants to leave. Why trigger a hysterical scene?

Marek Valachk aka Datel doesn’t seem to understand the principles of reality show. Although confined to the Like House villa, he still demands respect for his privacy. And when the hypothetical presenter Lucia wanted to settle his debts with him on Thursday before entering the villa, he barricaded himself in the room hysterically and began threatening to end the competition.

“No one is rich enough to buy their past.” Should have followed this motto Marek Valachek, alias DatilBefore voluntarily entering the villa reality show Like House. However, seeing the likes increase was even more powerful than the alleged skeletons in the treasury in the form of debts in the hundreds of thousands.

According to the Central Register of Executions, five enforcement actions have been issued against Marek Valachik, the oldest from 2019 and the latest from February this year. The young influencer, who drives expensive cars, flaunts life on a high leg, expensive clothes and sells dealers to his young fans, has earned SEK 791,386 on his neck.

When this information appeared in the media, the contest’s virtual moderator decided to ask Mark about it. Immediately it was bad. According to our information, Marek was currently supposed to set off a hysterical scene in the villa.

“Marek was so upset that Lucia had thrown him. He decided to leave Lake House. He is barricaded in his room and he is packing his belongings and preparing to leave.” A source familiar with the situation in the villa said.

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We remind you that events in the villa are broadcast on TV with a delay of a week.

The question is whether Woodpecker really left Villa Like House, or just threatens not to answer nagging questions about his remaining obligations.

Today, he has to decide which of the Like House contestants will finally leave, which spectators will find out in a week.

If Marek didn’t change his mind, others might worry.