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Liz Truss plans to cut taxes on Britain's disadvantaged workers

Liz Truss plans to cut taxes on Britain’s disadvantaged workers

The British newspaper, “Metro”, revealed British Prime Minister Liz Terrace’s plans to cut taxes for workers living in geographically disadvantaged areas.

Today Monday, Liz Terrace will publish next Friday a plan to cut taxes for workers living in geographically disadvantaged areas of the United Kingdom, the site said in a statement.

The report indicated that the new prime minister wants to create “investment zones” and that the full plans will be revealed in the upcoming “small budget”, but it was unclear what minimum workers would have to earn to qualify for the tax cuts.

Companies that move to and invest in “investment zones” will see their taxes reduced and freed from red tape, such as environmental regulations, that can prevent new development, he said. From the start of his leadership campaign to become Prime Minister.

Mrs Truss’s economic policy focused on plans to cut taxes and corporate taxes and scrap national insurance contributions to stimulate economic growth.

Senior cabinet members backing the Prime Minister’s proposals believe it will spur growth in poorer areas, create jobs and help raise Britain’s standing. Fellow Conservatives – such as Rishi Sunak – have previously said they would add fuel to the fire.

If the new government’s plans go ahead, they could spark controversy across the country. Once the period of national mourning is over, and after the Queen’s state funeral, the government can turn its full attention to tackling the current cost-of-living crisis.

Trace is scheduled to travel to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, where he said economic growth is “central to the struggle among democracies, and strict fiscal rules are expected to be dropped so governments can borrow to help those struggling. Even the cost of living.”

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