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London hosts first fortnite art exhibition

London hosts first fortnite art exhibition

In the first exhibition of its kind, the American artist Kaos put his colorful paintings and sculptures on Tuesday at the Serpentine Gallery in London, but also in the digital version of the British Museum in the famous video game “Fortnite”, which attracts hundreds of millions of players around the world.

In London’s Hyde Park, onlookers point their phones at the rooftop of the Serpentine Gallery, but don’t take a picture of the red brick and white pillared building; Instead, they use their phones to show it a large statue of a blue man sitting on the roof without being visible to the naked eye; It only exists with augmented reality technology.

Since entering the exhibition, reality and the virtual world are intertwined in this event titled “Kaos: New Fiction”.

Hans-Ulrich Obrist, artistic director of the event, explains to AFP that the exhibition consists of “three layers,” adding: “There is a physical exhibition in the Serpentine Gallery with paintings and sculptures, as well as elements of augmented reality, as well as the Serpentine exhibition on Fortnite.” One of the most popular video games in the world.

For a week, users of the popular game developed by Epic Games will be able to view a replica of the museum through the game, walk around with their avatar and reflect on the works.

Epic Games previously cooperated with world-famous singers who gave concerts through the game, but “this is the first collaboration that “Fortnite” has made in the field of visual arts, through a public exhibition,” according to Obrist.

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Obrist refers to the “complete difference” between seeing an exhibition through a video game or being present, but he considers these experiences “complementary”, as many visitors are not familiar with the world of video games and therefore can be interested in it in this way, and vice versa for gamers.

“For us, it’s about reaching very different audiences” and creating “a cross-generational dialogue,” he adds.