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عمدة لندن: الفيضانات الأخيرة كشفت حقائق تغير المناخ

London Mayor: The recent floods have exposed the realities of climate change

12:40 AM

Wednesday 28 July 2021

United Kingdom – (United States)

London Mayor Sadiq Khan says the severe weather that the country has experienced in other parts of the UK in recent years, with severe flooding over the weekend and last month, shows that the realities of climate change are no longer a distant problem, but a growing one. Doors of the house.

In an article he wrote for the British newspaper The Guardian, he said that over the past few weeks, homes, businesses and metro stations have been flooded, and while it encourages individuals to come together to act quickly to support local authorities and those in need of emergency services, the truth is that bizarre weather events are happening in London and around the world. As such, it should be a wake-up call and motivate everyone to take more ambitious climate action.

“As part of our immediate response in London, we are working with councils, water companies and the Environment Agency to strengthen our defenses and ensure that our city is not affected by floods, but we know we can not respond to the effects of the climate crisis, and we need help to stop these impacts first. “

He added: “We need to reduce our emissions quickly and redouble our efforts to achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. We must make greater use of this year’s COP-26 climate conference in Glasgow to measure the response. Crisis.”

“These catastrophic floods have shown that bold weather action is inevitable,” he concluded. “We know there is much more to be done, from rebuilding our city to improving natural flood protection and renovating London homes.” Energy, grow our green economy, invest in green jobs and do more to promote walking, cycling and public transportation. ”

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