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London threatens unilateral action against Northern Ireland

London threatens unilateral action against Northern Ireland

London – AFP

On Thursday, the British government threatened to move unilaterally to ease tariff arrangements after the “Brexit” in Northern Ireland, which has been experiencing political stagnation due to a lack of flexibility from the EU.

Pointing to the political differences in boycott and turmoil in trade with Britain, London wants to deeply reconsider the protocol signed at the time of leaving the EU, while the European Commission says it is only prepared for some amendments.

“If the EU does not show the flexibility to help solve these problems, as a responsible government, we have no choice but to act,” British Foreign Secretary Liz Trace warned in a telephone conversation with European Commission Vice President Maros Shefkovic.

“The Foundation stressed that the situation in Northern Ireland is an issue of internal peace and security in the United Kingdom,” he said in a statement.

In the absence of any progress in the months-long negotiations, London has unilaterally threatened to suspend part of the speech, which could lead to a sharp European trade response.

Maros Sivkovich expressed his deep concern, stressing the importance of reaching common solutions, and warned that any unilateral action by London would not be acceptable to the EU if it did not implement an international agreement.

He said it would undermine trust between the EU and the UK and undermine peace in the province, which brought the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 after three decades of bloody turmoil between unionists and Republicans.

“Working together creatively is very important,” Shefkovic said.

This controversy is crippling companies in Northern Ireland. The trade unionists in the Democratic Unionist Party, who are now the second force in the local council after the victory of the “Sin Fine” nationalists, are refusing to participate in power unless these restrictions are lifted between Britain and Northern Ireland. A prejudice against the territorial integrity of the United Kingdom.

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“London’s priority is to maintain peace and stability in Northern Ireland,” Trace said. He called on the EU to show more pragmatism.

The Times newspaper reports that Terrace intends to take action next week, particularly suspending duty to monitor goods coming from the UK and intended for consumption in the province.

But a spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday that “no decision has been made” and that talks with Brussels will continue in the coming days.

The customs system, introduced by the protocol, aims to maintain peace by avoiding the return of the physical border between British territory and the EU member state of Ireland.