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LONDON: UK unity is at odds with negotiations - politics - news

LONDON: UK unity is at odds with negotiations – politics – news

British Secretary of State Dominique Robb said yesterday that the unity of the United Kingdom was “not negotiable” in response to French President Emmanuel Macron’s firm statements on post – Brexit arrangements in Northern Ireland.

The British Foreign Secretary told Sky News: “Whether it is related to the UK’s regional, constitutional or UK unity and economic integrity, we do not negotiate or compromise the unity and territorial integrity of the United Kingdom.”

London demands greater flexibility for the EU in implementing new customs procedures in Northern Ireland, which is causing tension in the British province.

These measures were negotiated within the framework of the Brexit agreement signed by the Boris Johnson government in 2019, but they caused great tension in the British province, disrupted trade with the British Isles, and angered trade unionists loyal to the British Crown.

Macron had said the day before yesterday that London was not “serious” in reviewing the agreements signed last December. He said there was “nothing to reconsider” before heading to Cornwall for the G7 summit.

“I think the ball is on the UEFA court now,” Dominic Robb said. “We understand what the French have said, which should stimulate the minds of the commission in Brussels to adopt a more pragmatic and flexible approach,” he said.

The issue was raised at a meeting between US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson the day before yesterday. EU leaders plan to raise the issue during a meeting with Johnson on Saturday as part of the Seven Group Summit in the UK.

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ரோ Macron declared that London was not “serious” in reviewing contracts.