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London's heart beats again

London’s heart beats again

Elaf from London: The Big Pen has been refurbished at a cost of 80 80 million, transforming the world’s most famous watch face into its original Victorian glory, according to a report.
The five-year renovation of the Elizabeth Tower was a massive scaffolding, involving 500 workers and ended with a budget of 51m.

Public tours and visits to the Elizabeth Tower will continue through the winter (Sky News), the report added. He said that after the experts found the shadow under the layers of black paint, the unique dials of the watch were restored to their original color Prussian blue. The lights on the back of the watch face were previously gas-powered, but they have now been replaced by energy-efficient LED lights.

700 stone blocks

Seven hundred pieces of stone were replaced – all carved on the site. Cracks in the masonry were repaired, leaks were stopped, and traces of corrosion and rust were repaired. The interior of the building has also been redesigned and an elevator and toilet have been installed.
“It’s an invaluable part of the UK heritage, perhaps even the world heritage,” said Matthew Hamlin, head of the Elizabeth Tower Project.
He added: ‘For a century and a half or so, it has been a symbol of stability. I believe it has become a symbol of parliamentary democracy in the UK and we are indebted to our Victorian ancestors who created it. This is a wonderful place and it needs to be restored to its best condition and made fit for the century. Twenty-one “.

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Tower design

The tower was designed by Charles Barry and Augustus Bukin and was completed during the reign of Queen Victoria in 1859. Many were interested in clocks and timekeeping. It was damaged over a century and a half ago by sudden tests in London due to pollution and weather. Asbestos was also discovered. And a piece of immovable clock and its largest bell: the Big Ben. However, the clock mechanism was completely updated.

Watch mechanic Ian Westworth said, “We disassembled every nut and bolt, disassembled everything from the tower to the large bezel, looked at each part, serviced, painted and primed, and now slowly reassembled each part. Reassemble the clock.”