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Look at the picture.. and what you see first will reveal how you deal with conflicts

Look at the picture.. and what you see first will reveal how you deal with conflicts

Personality is usually determined by upbringing, genetics, psychology and the environments surrounding each individual, but there are indications that merge with our intuition. In optical illusions like this, your eyesight works faster than your brains.

What you see first will reveal what you want to see more, according to your criteria, preferences and even your personality. This image is not provided. Published first by “Ba Pamel”only two options.

Focus on the image that you can see first, and remember that there is a reason for your intuition. It guides you based on your past experiences.

People who listen to their intuition tend to take greater risks, and have more confidence in themselves. Your intuition can also help you see the hidden things.

What do you see first?

Without affecting your perception, you have only two choices: either you notice the trees first, or the face of the woman.

What you see first will give you information about the way you react to conflict. Do you avoid defending yourself? Do you worry too much about what other people think? Or do you forgive easily and do not hold a grudge? Let’s find out together!

the two trees

If you see a tree first, you often have a thoughtful and generous personality. You must be so empathetic and sensitive, worrying about others that you can communicate with them on so many levels.

In fact, sometimes, you become so engrossed in their problems that you start worrying about others too much. In conflict situations, you put your own needs aside so as not to disturb order and oppose someone.

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Your strength is that you can easily keep up with the atmosphere and let things go their way. You easily give up conflicts that you cannot control.

Although some may think that you are doing this out of your naivety, this test proves that it is in fact because you trust in the power of the world and see the good in it, and this is an aspect that has developed in you greatly.

woman head

If you see a woman first, you often have a character who likes to think about situations to the end.

You like evaluating the consequences of your actions rather than making hasty reactions. But your reasoning is not entirely rational. A part of you can’t help but worry about what other people think of you and your decisions. You want others to be happy and you thrive in social circles. You empathize easily, and you want things to run smoothly and without clashes.

For this reason, conflicts frighten you. This makes you feel that you are risking your social life. You may not be able to admit it, but you love getting noticed and there’s no harm in that. This is what makes you real leaders and worthy of the title of mentor. It’s about finding a balance between allowing others to impose their authority on you and being a social person.