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Looks like Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are Unity Engine games

Photo: The Pokémon Company / The Pokémon Company / Baccarat

Spoiler warning: While we avoid posting any information here that could be considered “spoiler-specific”, we recommend that you use caution when clicking on a link that takes you away from the site.

As is common these days, the next big release on many players’ calendars, Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl Pokemon, Will be leak in advanceSome people have The game’s legendary pocket monsters have already been captured. For spoiler-sensitive players eagerly awaiting these DS remakes, it’s a dangerous time online, but rest assured we’ll avoid spoilers while playing around these parts.

However, one interesting piece of information that came out early on was the suggestion of different parties. On social networks That this pair of games was created with Unity instead of the game engine used sword and shield.

Switch support for Unity – a commonly used engine that powers a large number of games across all platforms – has been a factor in the huge library of titles that the console has amassed since 2017, many of which have yet to come. Nintendo platform if the driver is not supported.

What does Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl use for unity mean for games? Well, for the vast majority of gamers, very few – you might notice a logo in the credits, but otherwise you probably wouldn’t know which engine the game was built in. For people who like to mess around with code behind the scenes, using this engine Apparently It makes ROM edits and modifications to text and other items much easier than it would otherwise be.

While Unity has its detractors (like any game engine), it is a versatile and powerful tool with a proven track record on the Switch. ILCA developer The choice of unit makes a lot of sense.

Tell us below if you’ve been dodging spoilers like Neo dodgy bullets or dive first into the collection of shiny and adorable spoilers swirling around the web.

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