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Lubos Balata: The Czech brake throttle ride may not end well again

Lubos Balata: The Czech brake throttle ride may not end well again

What is most striking is whether what is happening around Covid now is not as bad as what happened here a year ago, when we were actually celebrating the defeat of the virus. And as it turns out, we celebrated prematurely. It is so stupid that we have finally become the country with the largest number of victims compared to the world’s population.

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I had a similar feeling now. The freedom and reversal of anti-coronavirus measures in the Czech Republic is surprisingly limitless compared to both France and Germany. For example, on the highways of many German provinces you have passed, it is still quite true that you can only refuel and shop.

But you have to forget that you love coffee and a little something to eat, as with the Czech pump, and, God forbid, even inside the restaurant.

In France, everyone wears the niqab everywhere. On trams and in shops but also on the streets. It’s not downright done on the streets, but without the hijab you feel out of place that you’d rather wear it. Then disinfection is carried out before entering each enclosed space. Here again, how about the veil applies. You won’t see someone who doesn’t use disinfection before entering.

Warning light

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As for restaurants, there are only working parks. From nine in the evening until six in the morning curfew. And again, everyone, really everyone notices it.

You could say that our current Czech numbers are very good, and in some ways even better than the current German or French numbers. However, even in relation to the restrictive government actions brought by the Czech courts, we began to live a normal life with our feet completely off the gas.

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And despite the fact that I’m also excited about how almost everything is done in the Czech Republic again, a warning light is flashing somewhere in the back of my head. If everything was really good enough for us to act like this. And if this COVID-19 brake pedal virus doesn’t get us in trouble again.

Lupus Balata

Especially when most of us get at most the first dose of a vaccination, which at best protects half of that vaccine. Perhaps it would be good not to completely forget how bad it was here a few weeks ago. And that the Covid virus will not disappear with a wave of a magic wand.

The author is a commentator for Denek