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Lucy Kricova defends it –

Source: with permission from L. Křížková / eXtra collage


Ex-Miss Lucy Kricova (36 years old) did not go through an easy period. Her husband, David Kezik (48 years old), the owner of the yacht, and he has two children, will go into service for three and a half years until Tunneling prison A metropolitan thrift cooperative, advertised by Lucy herself on her social media networks. After a massive wave of reactions, especially negative ones, accusing Lucia and David of lying, she decides to actually deal with their property.

“It’s been nine years since my husband David became an instrument of crime. Out of gullibility and confidence, he was a puppet of two companies that caused millions in damage.” Surprisingly, Lucy Kishkova announced on her social networks the prevailing news that her husband, yachtman David Kezik, would be imprisoned for digging the Metropolitan Tunnel. Savings cooperative

“All my life, he has only moved around in the world of sports, where people can be trusted and where they play fairly. He briefly entered the business world at a time of financial uncertainty. Then his “friend” offered him a helping handAnd the Lucy reached out in a wide post, where she also mentioned that the guy had already confessed to himself. Originally, he received a stipulation only in the fall, but the court eventually resorted to severe punishment Three and a half years in prison.

New home and apartments in Lebno

After the announcement on her Instagram account, a wave of reactions swept over Lucia, whether positive or negative. This was the reason Lucy also decided to post information about how it was with their possessions, such as a house or apartments.

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“I will not have to explain anything here, but the bourgeoisie of some of you insult me ​​incredibly.

Lucy first explained how it was with their house. “Yes k home – We do not live alone. The family cousin was so nice that she gave us the ground floor of her home. We live in the 60’sHalf of the apartment is a former basement. But we have a large garden at our disposal and we live very well here, ”she informs her followers, then decides to comment on apartments in Lebno as well. “There is only one apartment. It was taken from my saved money and a high mortgage, to be paid off through rent.” She wrote with the addition: “You have no information and you are spitting. The trick will come back to you. I think so,” adds Lucy.