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Lukáš Krpálek has a new addition to the family.  He's got a heavy cat!

Lukáš Krpálek has a new addition to the family. He’s got a heavy cat!

Unconventional award Lukáš Krpálek received a bronze medal in Antalya, Turkey. New member joined his family. This is a rare breed of cat that grows to gigantic proportions. Maine Coon cats are 4 months old and can weigh up to 12 kg in adulthood.

They gave the cat a bold name, Shido. In Japanese, it means punishment. “We went to this breed because we saw the cat with a lady and were completely amazed by its size and general appearance as a lioness” Added by Eva Krpálková. Godoka got the cat from Russia, specifically from Tyumen. “The fact that she was from Russia was just a coincidence, because they had kittens there and her husband liked Shido very much,” She added.

Krpálek’s cat has been captured at the airport. “We have received information from the breeder that the cat may be afraid, so we have to look at him slowly,” She was described by Eva Karbalkova. “But the opposite was true, as he proved to be a very confident and inquisitive boy,” Noticed by Lucas Karbalik.

Adults look like real monsters and lynxes. However, they do have a beautiful nature. That is why they received the nickname “Gentle Giant”. The inquisitive, courageous and friendly nature of the Shida cats with green eyes and black marbles were already evident upon visiting the PetCenter headquarters.

They have a new pet in the Lukáš Krpálek judoka family. But the cat can weigh up to 12 kilograms.

“10 years ago, Maine Coon cats were rare, and now they are famous.” Says Jana Nehselova, PetCenter Expert. How is it different from normal cats? It is also necessary to bear in mind that a cat weighing twelve kilograms can cause great harm when playing. “We simply learned that at the time. It’s helpful to think about their weight when choosing a scraper, because there is a difference when a small house cat jumps on them, or a cat weighs up to 12 kilograms,” Nehasilová adds that these cats were first seen in the US state of Maine and also through the bushy tail, which is strikingly reminiscent of a raccoon bear.

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“After the death of our beloved cat Mr. Maliku (11 years old), we were very sad, he was a real family member, he slept with the children in the bed from an early age, Eva Krpáková captured. “We have completely changed the equipment for the new cat so that no memories will come with it.”

And how does Shido get along with a female Bulldog Oliva in one home? “Now one night he slept at home and met very quickly. Oliva is friendly and Shido is curious, and it looks like they will be friends.” Lukáš Krpálek thought.

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