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Lukashenko to migrants at the Belarus-Poland border: Going west is your right, and if you can cross, walk!

Sputnik Pavel Bednyakov

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko stressed, addressing migrants stranded at his country’s border with Poland, that his government will not prevent them from crossing the border on their way to the European Union.

And the official Belarusian agency “Belta” reported that Lukashenko, in a meeting held Friday with the inmates of the “Blozhgi” logistics center set up by the Belarusian authorities near the country’s border with Poland to receive immigrants, “welcomed them in their language”, vowing that the Minsk government would not politicize the immigration issue.

The president said that his and his government’s goal is to “help people who are in distress,” saying, “Sometimes there are difficulties and tribulations, but I am convinced that we will be able to overcome these problems together.”

Lukashenko called on migrants to “distinguish between the truth and others” and warned against relying on “fake news,” adding: “The truth is that, whatever the circumstances, we will not manipulate your destiny and will not use it for political purposes.”

“There are different people, but you have one big problem in common: you are in distress, and I am convinced that this situation is temporary. We as Belarusians, and I personally, will do everything according to your will, even if it is bad for Poles, Latvians and anyone else,” he said.

Lukashenko pledged that the Belarus government will not forcibly deport any immigrant who does not want to return to his homeland, adding: “Whoever wants to go west, it is your right too, and we will not pursue you, we will not beat you, and we will not hold you behind barbed wire.”

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Commenting on migrants’ aspirations to enter the European Union, he said: “It depends on your will, and if you can get through, keep going, and that’s all the philosophy.”

Lukashenko addressed Germany, calling on it to receive immigrants, most of whom want to join their families in this country, blaming the Polish government for blocking the way for asylum seekers using “brutal” methods and “committing a massacre at the border to distract attention from its internal problems.”

The Belarusian president indicated that his country currently hosts, in addition to the estimated 2,000 residents of the “Belozgi” center, about 2-3 thousand immigrants from the Middle East, pledging that his country’s authorities will continue their efforts to improve the living conditions of immigrants in the center.

Lukashenko warned the European Union that the migrant issue will increase many times if it is not resolved now.

Source: “Belta”