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Luke Shaw: I can't believe I'm in the same "dressing room" with the Don!

Luke Shaw: I can’t believe I’m in the same “dressing room” with the Don!

Anwar Ibrahim (Cairo)

Manchester United defender Luke Shaw praised the impact that Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo had on the “mentality” of the “Red Devils” players, since his arrival at “Old Trafford”, after two successful experiences in Real Madrid and Juventus, Italy, to compensate for the absence of 12 years from the English club, which was One of its biggest stars since 2003, under the leadership of Sir Alex Ferguson.
Since his return to his old home last August, Ronaldo has not stopped making progress and scoring goals (5 goals in the Premier League and the Champions League), including a decisive goal in the Villarreal match in the second round of the group stage of the Champions League 2-1.
Luke Shaw confirmed, in statements carried by Goal Global in its French version, that the “Don” character, who played 200 matches in the English Premier League, the most recent of which was the Everton match, has a very positive impact on all his colleagues, both inside and outside the dressing room.

He added: “Everyone knows the star of what he made and does over many years, this is how Ronaldo is. It is unbelievable to be with him in one dressing room, and you see the way he behaves, and how professional he is.”

Shaw said: Now I understand why he has been at the top for so many years, his mentality is incomparable, and I think he has improved and developed the mentalities of the players in and around the dressing room, he is always alert and alert.
Ronaldo has so far scored 87 goals in the “Premier League” in 200 matches, and is only preceded by Wayne Rooney, who scored 94 goals in his first 200 games with “The Devils”, while his current coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer scored 84 goals in 200 games, when he was a player, The closest player to these three is Paul Scholes, who scored 47 goals in his first 200 matches.
It is known that “United” suffers from the fluctuation of the team’s level in its English Premier League matches, and is two points away from leaders Chelsea, due to a loss at home from Aston Villa, and a draw with Everton in the team’s last two league matches.

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