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lump in the crotch. In men’s swimwear, people threaten Adidas with a boycott

With a shared ambition to support free expression without prejudice in all areas of sport and culture, the new adidas apparel and footwear collection takes lifestyle and performance into account. This is reflected in the versatility and style that rekindle the spirit of this collection, standing first in print.

South African designer Rich Minnesy has also contributed to the new Let Love Be Your Legacy collection. He designed the colorful one-piece swimsuit. He described his designs as a symbol of self-acceptance and LGBTQI+ advocacy.

LBGTQ+ people wear his models in women’s swimwear for the photo shoot. However, the advertisement caused a negative reaction on social media. Riley Genesoff, an outspoken critic of transgender athletes in English sporting competitions, was one of the first voices to come out negatively about the new campaign.

I don’t want it, do it voluntarily for the company. At least they could say the swimwear is unisex. But they didn’t take it. It’s a deleted file. Swimmer Books: You don’t have a bulge in a swimsuit.

Please don’t judge biological women by making men wear men’s swimwear, one critic wrote on social media. Remember when women started obsessing over being skinny after looking at anorexic models? Do these girls think there is something wrong with them because they don’t have bumps? expressed by the user.

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Some conservatives are calling for a boycott of ads. However, Jay Brown, senior vice president of programmes, research and advocacy at the Human Rights Campaign, said the outpouring of Adidas’ latest ad is just another example of an ideology obsessed with wiping LGBT people from the earth.

Brown added that businesses that stand up for what’s right not only show support for LGBTQ+ actions and employees, but they also send a powerful message that bullying and discrimination will not go unchecked. USA Today.